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This is a Collaborative Learning Community (CLC) assignment.

The purpose of this assignment is to create a quality improvement plan for a public health organization.

Identify one public health organization around which your group will build a quality improvement plan. Ensure that enough accessible information exists on the services the organization provides, its patient base, its invested stakeholders, and how it impacts the community.

Create a 15-20-slide PowerPoint presentation with detailed speaker notes that addresses the following components:

  1. Describe the purpose of the organization, what value it offers to the community, why it is focused on quality, and how this plan will help it to better meet patient or customer needs.
  2. Describe the leadership structure of the organization, including the roles and responsibilities of involved stakeholders. Explain how these members of the organization will help to manage and monitor the quality improvement program.
  3. How is the organization financed? Why is understanding this important when building a quality improvement plan?
  4. What types of training or support resources does the organization possess for quality improvement initiatives?
  5. What types of innovative partnerships does the organization possess that allow it to provide quality public health care? What partnerships could the organization forge to improve the outcomes they can provide?
  6. How will the organization use the Plan, Do, Study, Act (PDSA) tool to assist in improving and monitoring quality?
  7. What are the goals and objectives the organization is setting out to achieve with the implementation of this quality improvement plan?
  8. How will the organization monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of its quality improvement strategies?
  9. What do continuous quality improvement initiatives like this quality improvement plan offer to the overall field of public health?

Cite at least four references, including the textbook.

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