Global Corporate Governance Assignment | Top Universities

In a professional career, one may be called upon to conduct research and deliver findings in professional settings. As discussed in the text, the SEC is considering
moving from GAAP to international accounting standards.
Prepare a 10–12-slide PowerPoint presentation as if it will be presented to an audience of your peers.

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Global Corporate Governance Assignment | Top Universities
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Top Universities
should be a complete, polished artifact containing all of the main elements in the rubric below. If needed, refer to the Module Six resources for tips on designing
an effective PowerPoint.
1- Contrast rules-based versus principles-based accounting,
2- Provide detailed scenarios (these can be case studies, articles, or any published accounting scenario within the last 5 years) in which GAAP and IFRS
would handle the situation differently.
3- Explain the challenges inherent with global corporate governance.
4- State whether you are for or against this proposed change from GAAP to IFRS, defending your position with at least three points.Get Accounting Homework Help Today

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