Is Gender Pay Gap a Myth | Expository Writing Techniques

The gender pay gap continues to be more controversial and a heated debate now more than ever. Help combat pay discrimination and close the gender wage gap today.

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Is Gender Pay Gap a Myth | Expository Writing Techniques
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Since time immemorial, the fight for equal pay for equal work has been a point of heated debate. And while it all sounds reasonable and just thing to do, the gender pay gap issue is real, or is it, really? It’s hard to believe that by 2020, this is something to debate about. Yet, there isn’t a country in the world where women supposedly earn the same or more than men.

Most critics would justify the reason for this pay gap as an idea of choice where women simply choose less lucrative courses and enter lower-paying professionals. So, why is there a gender pay gap? Well, the answer to this question seems relatively straightforward. Think about the total working hours that women put into their work compared to men.

Is Gender Pay Gap a Myth

Consequently, you find that gender pay gap statistics from thousands of companies reveal that men, on average, are paid more than women in most of the British businesses. However, despite these results, myths about the gender pay gap continue to persist.

The purpose here is to highlight the pay gap does exist. Here’s the problem:

Is The Gender Pay Gap Real?

By now, you’ve probably read tons of articles that discuss how the gender pay gap is a myth. From these articles, it stands to reason that women earn less since women choose to work less compared to men. Women also choose to take time off most times to be with their kids, and hardly ever seek opportunities for promotion positions.

Actually, studies show that women’s choices are dictated by government policies like insufficient paid paternal leave, a lack of sufficient employer support for workplace flexibility. Not to mention, the many outdated gender stereotypes that still limit women’s education and professions.

We have come a long way since learning institutions taught girls needlecraft and the motherhood life and boys mechanics. Yet, you still find that society finds some professions as women’s work. So, Is Gender Pay Gap a Myth? This leads to a disproportionately higher representation of women in caring jobs such as teaching and health care. Such professions always have lower rates of pay compared to the traditionally male-dominated industries.

Is Gender Pay Gap a Myth, and why the difference in pay? Studies show that once women begin to populate a previously male-dominated profession, that profession’s average wage drops. And conversely, when men begin to work in professions previously dominated by men, the average salary increases, and those roles grow in prestige.

Simply put, at a societal level, businesses value women’s contributions to work much less compared to those made by men. So, Is Gender Pay Gap a Myth? Well, no. It’s very real, and it’s also very important that everyone recognizes the gender pay gap as a symptom of a much wider and more pervasive problem. Businesses must learn to deal with this gender inequality and discrimination issue that women experience.

Gender Pay Gap Explained: There’s No Gender Pay Gap

Is Gender Pay Gap a Myth? Most people, especially businesses, refute this mythology. With many more people claiming it’s perpetuated by feminists who aim to further some selfish goals. A portion of women likely uses statistics dishonestly to take advantage of flaws in said statistics.

However, with more in-depth studies, you realize that these figures are a much more important indicator of this structural inequality. Several studies show that eight out of ten companies pay their male employees more than women employees. Still, to better understand why companies generally pay their men employees more than women employees, we need more data and even more detail.

Also, it’s not that women get paid less than their men counterparts doing the same jobs. It’s that the jobs women opt for are getting paid less than those men prefer. And so, the argument goes. The answer in this case, then, seems quite simple: women should start moving into these high-paying careers. Instead of choosing to be a social worker, choose to be an engineer or software developer.

However, this is only half the story. Even within these lucrative, male-dominated jobs, the gender gap still exists. But event this doesn’t seem to work, supposedly.

The fact is that even when men and women are on the same profession, there’s still these gender pay gap facts to deal with.

How to Calculate the Gender Pay Gap

This may be hard to believe, but the idea of women earning about $0.78 for every dollar men earn has been drilled into every generation to date. It seems an undeniable truth that no one would dare question. But we really should. Is Gender Pay Gap a Myth? To start right from the beginning, let’s examine the issue and how to calculate it.

Is Gender Pay Gap a Myth? Yes, it is, and it’s generally determined through a set of complex equations that considers the following:

  • The occupation an individual owns
  • An individual’s rank in the organization
  • How long the individual has worked there
  • The education level the individual had to attain the job
  • How many hours the individual works in the average week

Certainly, it makes all kinds of sense to include these components in the calculation process as they all, and more, contribute to the salary you can command.

However, you find that the gender pay gap doesn’t really include any of these elements. You will hardly find any complexity or nuance to it. Rather, it’s calculated more by comparing the differences between all of the men’s average earnings and comparing them with those of all women. It’s, therefore, just a comparison of averages, and you’ve got your answer. The process is so simple that you probably learned it in elementary school. Is Gender Pay Gap a Myth? It’s really up to you, ladies, to answer that.

What Are the Causes of the Gender Wage Gap?

Is Gender Pay Gap a Myth? By now, you should get where this story is headed. The calculations and earnings ratios made above all prove that men typically earn more than women, even while in the same professions.

Below are more detailed causes of the gender pay gap:

Differences in Industries Worked:

Generally, calculating the holistic wage gap allows researchers to see the effects of occupational segregation. The so-called women’s professions, jobs that have been historically reserved for the female workforce like child care and health aids, now also have predominantly male workforces.

The same is true for jobs in trade, like building and construction. You’ll also find the same garnered differences across other industries.

Differences in Years of Experience

As aforementioned, women tend to be disproportionately driven out of their working positions to accommodate other caregiving obligations. Often, these caregiving duties are unpaid. Thus, the reason women often have less experience compared to men.

Also, access to paid medical and family leave makes women more open to pausing work – and less likely to return sooner. However, recent studies reveal that only about 19% of civilian workers received paid family leave from their employers. And only about 40% received short-term disability insurance benefits for their medical issues.


As unbelievable as it may seem, gender-based pay discrimination is real and occur in the workplace. While work discrimination has been illegal since 1963, it’s still pretty frequent and widespread, especially for women of color.

Discrimination can be particularly frequent in workplaces where open discussion of wages is discouraged, and employees fear retaliation. Any normal person would be afraid of asking for a pay raise if it meant possible suspension or relief from work.

Is Gender Pay Gap a Myth

Beyond explicit decisions to pay men more than women, employers may also discriminate in pay by relying on prior salary histories. This may arise from different company’s hiring and compensation decisions and histories. It’s also possible that these pay decisions influence the form of discrimination that follows women from one job to the next.

Differences in Hours Worked

Since women tend to work fewer hours compared to men to accommodate other obligations like caregiving, they will likely get less pay. Women also tend to work more part-time jobs, meaning lower hourly wages with fewer benefits compared to full-time workers, men.

These are just a few of the major drivers that influence the gender pay gap between men and women. Meanwhile, other factors may help to narrow this gap. For instance, an increased educational attainment level by women, especially when women have more education than men in the same position. Something like this can help narrow this gap significantly. But why must the men’s education level be lower for women to stand a chance of equal pay?

Thus, the question, Is Gender Pay Gap a Myth? From what you’ve already read, do you still think the gender pay gap is a myth? It’s evident that there are several factors to help narrow the gender pay gap.

Other possible solutions include:

  • Unionization to help push all workers for great leverage for workplace changes.
  • Bargain for better wages and working conditions
  • Combat discriminatory practices that target specific groups of workers

Still, you find that the cumulative effects of the above factors aren’t sufficient enough to close this gap entirely. So, what next?

Ladies, you must learn to empower yourselves to earn respect and money you’re so desperately fighting for. So, if you’re still asking yourself, “Is Gender Pay Gap a Myth?” then you need some self-reflection to do. Just remember, with great power comes great responsibility.

Negotiation Is the Answer

Is Gender Pay Gap a Myth? Unfortunately, it is. We wouldn’t be talking about negotiations if it weren’t. Today, only about 16% of all women negotiate for their compensations when accepting new positions and when performing evaluations. On the contrary, the other percentage relied on their organizations to bring to the table different offers without a back and forth.

Is Gender Pay Gap a Myth

Several studies show that men tend to ask for higher salaries and engage their employers in negotiations more than women. Many people, however, argue that this is always more a matter of opportunity. Arguably, you would think that women get fewer chances to negotiate their compensations and promotions compared to men. However, this seems very far-fetched, considering that over 70% of employers expect salary negotiations.

In reality, opportunities don’t create themselves. So, if you think making more money is your top priority, then it’s only right to find some way and have a discussion with your employer. Don’t be the person who waits for your employer to make the first move in negotiation terms. If this is you, it’s very likely that negotiations may never happen. And if they do, then you will never get the pay rise you deserve.

Stand up and say you’re worth a certain additional salary and wait for your employer to respond. Don’t wait for your current or future employer or some human resource manager to do it for you. And this is the boat most women rock. Yet they keep asking, “Is Gender Pay Gap a Myth?” The fact is that the gender pay gap 2019 is real, not as much as adverse as it used to be, but it’s still there.

What Is Expository Writing?

Expository writing is a form of writing that aims to explain a topic in a more straightforward and logical manner. Minus all the whistles and bells, expository writing presents a fair, balanced analysis of subjects based on facts. It doesn’t, however, make any references to the writer’s emotions or opinions.

Expository essay topics, for instance, use words like “explain” and “define” to help make topics more straightforward. “Write an essay explaining how computers have changed students’ lives.” This is one of the best expository writing examples you may end up in your finals paper. Not to mention, the many expository writing techniques to use in your essays.

Notice, from the above title, that there isn’t any instruction that may form an argument or opinion on whether computers have really changed student’s lives or not. The title prompt simply asks that the writer ‘explain,’ plain and simple. However, without using the right writing format, you may end up struggling even to find the words to put down.

Gender Pay Gap

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The Five-Step Expository Writing Techniques

Exploratory essay writing is a life skill, perhaps even more than other types of writing. Developing expository writing techniques and implementing them in your daily life is a requirement, especially when with most professions.

It’s, therefore, critical that you understand and follow all the proven expository writing techniques that will help you as a writer.

Expository essay writing structure

Usually, an essay is composed of five paragraphs. These include the introductory paragraph, which contains the thesis. Then there are the next three paragraphs that provide details supporting the thesis. Then there is the concluding paragraph that restates the main idea tying the major paints of the essay together. Here are tips for each part of your writing structure and expository writing techniques:


In this writing phase, you should take some time to brainstorm the topic and main idea. It’s perhaps one of the most critical expository writing techniques to use. You can also do research and take some notes on what to write about here. Create an outline that shows the information you want to present in each paragraph sequentially.


Here are some critical factors to consider when creating your initial draft:

  • The topic sentence is the most important sentence in your introductory paragraph. It should state your thesis or main idea and be well defined.
  • Each of the body paragraphs should also cover a different point that develops your essay’s thesis. Every paragraph should provide facts and examples that support each paragraph’s topic.
  • You have the concluding paragraph that you should also use to reinforce your thesis. Don’t introduce any new material in this section.


In this phase, you will review, modify, and reorganize your work to make it the version it can be. Therefore, if your essay is still missing the mark, here’s where you polish it up.


One of the best Expository Writing Techniques is the part where you proofread and correct errors from your work. Edit sections and styles that need improving for even more clarity. Remember, your essay also needs to be lively and engaging, so your readers enjoy reading it.


After you’re certain you’ve done your best work, you now share it with your instructor, parent, or other readers. This can be both exciting and intimidating. Remember, however, that all writers become very attached and sensitive about their work. You should, therefore, only look to learn from experience and work on improving yourself.



Is Gender Pay Gap a Myth? Yes, it is. It’s a lot easier to play the victim in such an oppressive system than to own your role. You must earn your way in the top-earning professions and work on staying on top. Just because something is uncomfortable doesn’t mean you aren’t cut out for it. Is Gender Pay Gap a Myth? It’s really up to you to answer that.

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