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Looking for ideas on how to find the best gender equality argumentative essay topics? Here are some quick pointers to steer you in the right direction. Today, we live in a world full of diverse types of people from different backgrounds, races, and gender. Gender inequality is perhaps one of the most troubling issues that almost all countries in the world face today.

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It’s no secret that however much some countries are trying to end this issue, it still exists. In that regard, you’ll hardly find a college student pass through the university without having heard about gender equality argumentative essay topics. Gender inequality remains one of the most problematic issues to deal with in our modern society.

The case of women’s discrimination has become a major global issue, which has, in turn, increased the gender inequality rate even more. As a result, most students are assigned the task of writing gender inequality papers. Fortunately, you can now find several academic writing services online to help you with your paper. ranks as one of the best online academic writing services you can find.

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Life in A Fair and Equal World

Say, you see a job advert you are qualified for and feel confident that your application will be merit-based. After all, nobody actually ever thinks that their names, gender, or race have any bearing on whether you land the job, an interview even. After all, everyone is treated equally in his world, right? If everyone actually held true to ensuring gender equality and fairness, then we wouldn’t be writing such papers.

It’s evident that as long as people don’t trust society to treat them equally because of their race or gender, then they are even less likely to apply for a job. As a consequence, companies end up missing out on some of the most promising prospects and diversity of candidates. Also, hiring someone who has the same traits in terms of gender or race won’t do your business any good.

A lack, thereof, of equality and fairness, especially in the workplace, doesn’t just affect big company decisions. It can also affect:

  • How many people participate in communities
  • Daily decisions about where certain people shop
  • Whether people send their children to school
  • Whether to ask for help from the government or not

Individual confidence in fairness, equality, and opportunity is a critical public value outcome for everyone. This blog aims to explore that outcome in more detail.

The Importance of Gender Equality Argumentative Essay Topics

Even though gender inequality is a global problem, other factors such as poverty and lack of education are key factors in its persistence. When women and men don’t have equal access to equal opportunities or resources to participate in decision-making, almost everyone suffers from direct social and economic costs. And you find that the people often most affected are women and children. Thus, the need to establish gender equality and fairness.

Limited Access to Resources

Gender inequality has affected almost every aspect of people’s lives. For instance, despite being responsible for almost 80% of food production, women still have limited access to critical agricultural resources.

Not very many women have access to land, credit, or new technologies as men do. In contrast, if we increased women’s ownership of land, fertilizer, or credit, it’s likely that we would witness a significant increase in food production. This would result in subsequently reduced levels of hunger and starvation.

The Importance of Education

Education and the reduction of poverty go hand in hand. However, not as many girls or women get as much access to education as boys and men. And while significant progress has been made to increase the number of girls and women attending schools, most of them are still not starting or finishing their education.

At least not merely at the same rate as boys and men. Sub-Saharan Africa has so far been the most affected by this issue. Poverty and living standards have remained huge obstacles to women getting an education. And this has had long-lasting consequences.

Access to Basic Healthcare

As with education, a lack of sufficient access to basic health care services impacts girls and women the most. Most women lack proper reproductive health care services, as well. More and more women keep dying each year due to issues related to their health, particularly with childbirth complications.

Yet, you find that a vast majority of these deaths could have been avoided if these girls and women had access to basic healthcare services. Basically, hospitals should acknowledge that men’s and women’s basic healthcare needs aren’t too much the same.

In the Workplace

More often than now, you hear some woman somewhere complaining of harassment in the office or something similar. Sure, there has been significant progress to curb gender discrimination in the office. But still, most studies report that there are more men in offices compared to women. The same is also true for businesses and political life.

Gender-Based Violence

This is perhaps the most evident case of gender discrimination that we know of right now. Gender-based violence has become a socially tolerated abuse of human rights across the globe. This is the intention to threaten or harm someone due to their gender. Gender-based violence also contributes heavily to ill-health and poverty worldwide. It has prevented many people, mostly women, from reaching their full potential in life.

How Some Nations Address Equality and Fairness

From what we know so far, most countries currently heavily on legislation and statutory authorities to ensure equality and fairness in society. Most countries have also signed international human rights treaties aimed at providing a framework for equality and fairness legislation.

All organizations have to abide by the laws on gender equality without any discrimination. As much as achieving a fair and equal society looks to be more difficult in practice, it’s still worth the effort. And yes, there are several factors that affect equality and fairness, which are often beyond the reach of aspirational objectives authorities and legislation. The general public has a moral obligation and unique responsibility to embrace and embed equality and fairness into the community.

Examples of Gender Inequality in Society Today

Despite massive progress against gender inequality, women’s rights still remain a critical issue throughout the globe. This is especially true in regions like the Middle East and North Africa. Women have to live with the systematic denial of rights and laws that make them inferior to their male counterparts. These are just some of the few reasons to help you get better informed on gender equality argumentative essay topics to use for your paper.

In addition, it’s still evident that women across the world still lack the full realization of what their fundamental human rights are. Yet, learning about this pressing issue reveals just how gender equality is critical for sustainable progress. Here are some of the top examples of gender inequality that exist in the world today:

Freedom of Marriage

It’s no secret that young women in Sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia are married by the time they are 18 years. But child marriage only ends up increasing the chances of complications occurring, such as during childbirth, which can sometimes prove fatal. What’s more, child marriage contravenes an individual’s right to choice of partnership. Pakistani women, for instance, must accept arranged marriages. In some cases, refusal may even lead to ‘honor killings’ that often go uncontested by the government.

Lack of Mobility

In Saudi Arabia, all women as forbidden to drive, despite several protests. Women must, therefore, rely on their husbands and father to get them where they want to go. In other countries like Bahrain, husbands can actually prevent their wives from traveling abroad to other countries. In some cases, they must even need written permission from their husbands to travel.

Access to Education

As of writing this, women make up about two-thirds of illiterate adults across the globe. Access to education is especially a problem in countries where certain groups oppose female education. Some groups may even go as far as attacking schools simply to avoid girls and women receiving education. It is this limited awareness that compromises female rights and denies them what they should be entitled to. Greater access to education is the remedy that women need to achieve greater heights in life.

Professional Obstacles

You realize that women are at a disadvantage with regard to earnings, even in developed countries. Most of the highest-paying fields continue to be held and dominated by men. On average, women also earn just 77% of what men in their position earn doing the same amount of work. However, in the current state, we are in, it could take another couple of decades before gender inequality disappears.

Discriminatory Divorce Rights

Countries in the Middle East are governed by gender inequality and religious ideals that view men as superior. Men can, therefore, divorce their wives quite easily. On the other hand, women face a lot more challenges. In countries like Lebanon, abused women don’t even have the right to file for divorce except on very special occasions.

Top 5 Issues Fueling Gender Inequality

Any gender equality argumentative essay must touch on women and how they make the world go round, literary. But despite all of the juggling of the crazy demands of life, birthing and raising children, making healthy, home-cooked meals, providing financial stability, time with friends, the occasional moment of relaxation, and time for exercise, women still receive less appreciation in the workforce. That said, here are some of the common challenges that women still face in the workplace:

Sexual Harassment

This is one of the most common obstacles that women face in the workplace. While numerous movements have helped to try and shed some light on the issue, not many people actually knew about it. Until now, only a few people actually knew how many women are being subjected to this form of mistreatment.

Some studies also link several work-related favors to the increased risk of sexual assault or harassment in the workplace. For instance, women who work in restaurants who rely heavily on tips as their primary source of income tend to be more prone to experience sexual harassment. The same is also true for women who have a temporary work visa or lack legal immigration status.

Unequal Pay

The gender pay gap is another critical issue that countries across the globe still try to curb. On average, you find that women, especially American women, are more educated compared to men. Women tend to earn more education certificates compared to men. Yet, most reports still find that women in the workforce earn less compared to their male counterparts.

The gender pay gap is perhaps one of the best gender equality argumentative essay topics that you can use for your paper. To help curb this discrepancy, countries must have new policies in place, including support for child care, more paid parental leave, and other pro-family policies.

Women Get Fewer Promotions Than Men

Despite constituting almost half of the workforce, you still find that women are promoted far less often compared to men at work. For instance, women from less than 5% of CEOs in the workplace, and less than 10% are top earners. Women of color are even worse placed as they are almost invisible on Fortune 500 boards and S&P 500 boards.


Unfortunately, racism plays a major role in gender inequality and how society treats women. Take the pay that women receive at the workplace, for instance. The pay that women receive usually varies and depends on the woman’s race and ethnicity. Race also plays a major role when comparing what men earn at the workplace.

Fear of Asking for a Raise

Most women in the workplace fear asking their employers to pay them what they are worth and often struggle in this area with their superiors. While somewhat related to the unequal pay issue, the fear of discussing money affects women more compared to men in the workplace. For women, negotiating for pay is often viewed as being desperate or greedy. This can lead to hesitation when a woman decides to ask for her work in the workplace.

How to Promote Gender Equality

This also forms one of the best gender equality argumentative essay topics that you can use for your paper. As aforementioned, women usually earn less at the workplace compared to men. Women also suffer more sexual violence and do more household labor than men. Yet, they still have fewer opportunities and rights than men. Small actions can, however, change this reality to promote gender equity and fairness.

It’s a daunting reality. Fortunately, however, the world has become more aware of the need to fight this injustice.

gender argumentative essay topics

How to Improve Gender Equity in Everyday Life

Watch for Domestic Violence Signs

It’s important to always look for help and support if you know someone who is suffering from any form of abuse. It’s also vital to note that domestic violence isn’t always restricted to physical aggression alone. Other types of abuse, such as verbal attacks like threats or psychological abuse like being controlling, intimidating, or abusive, also qualify as domestic violence.

If you, therefore, experience domestic violence, remember that you are not alone. It’s important that you report it. Most studies find that less than 40% of women who experience domestic violence seek any kind of help. And among those who, most women seek out family members and friends. Even fewer women use formal mechanisms and institutions like police and health services.

Share Household Chores Equally

This is one of the best ways to ensure gender equality among families at home. Childcare and household chores are every adult’s responsibility. It’s, therefore, essential to always ask yourself if there’s an equal division of labor at home. Often, you find that women do most of the household work, especially when it comes to child care.

Women from developing countries, especially, have about three hours of daily unpaid work compared to men. In contrast, women in developed countries, on average, do just two hours more of house chores.

It’s likely that the overload of household chores can also increase women’s chances of mental or psychological illnesses, besides literally depressing their productivity at the workplace, which consequently affects their salaries.

Reject Chauvinist and Racist Attitudes

As a family, it’s vital always to avoid making comments that demean, ridicule, or humiliate women, indigenous people, black people, or any other marginalized groups. It’s also important that you never keep quiet whenever you hear racist or chauvinist comments from friends or family members. Talk to your family, friends, and colleagues and tell them to refrain from talking racist, chauvinist, transphobic, and homophobic insults.

Support Parents

Parents are ultimately responsible for their children and other children around them as well. Teens always need support in almost all aspects of life. Say, for instance, that you offer the bus seat to an expectant woman or asking companies to support maternity and paternity leave, which are all necessary actions. Only about 53% of countries provide 14 weeks or more of maternity leave. To make the situation even grimmer, only about 48% of countries provide any paternity leave to mothers.

Help Women Gain Power

Currently, only 17 countries have women as heads of state. You also find that the overall average of females in legislative bodies is only 23.4%. In addition to politics, it’s also important to support the promotion of women in other forms and groups. This goes for LGBTQI women as well as in science fields and sports too.

With these gender equality guidelines, it should be easier for any student to find gender equality argumentative essay topics that match their writings.

Listen and Reflect

This is also another main obstacle to eliminating prejudice and an excellent way to find gender equality argumentative essay topics for your paper. People tend to have a lot of difficulty in recognizing that prejudice really exists.

Most people reproduce pre-existing notions and stereotypes on many topics already. Gender and race are just some of the most noticeable and most talked about. It’s all about the unconscious biases that people have.

How to Improve Gender Equity in the Workplace

Pay the Same Salary for Similar Jobs

As already mentioned, a few times on this blog, it’s important that workplaces also observe and support the equal pay issue. We must all strive to curb the issue of the gender pay gap and pay every worker the same salary the same jobs.

Zero Tolerance for Sexual Harassment and Racism

As one of the most common gender equality argumentative essay topics sexual harassment and racism must be reported immediately. It’s important that all employees have a safe channel where workers can report sexual harassment, racism, or any other form of bullying. It’s also vital to know how to represent the people most vulnerable to these forms of harassment.

Provide Anti-Bias Training

One of the best ways to curb gender inequality at the workplace is by offering training on diversity and prejudice. Such types of training must include everyone in the workplace to ensure a just and equal form of treatment at the workplace.

Need a Paper on Gender Equality Argumentative Essay Topics?

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From the above excerpt, it’s evident that equality and diversity at the workplace are important factors that employers must adhere to to make the workplace a safe environment for everyone. Understanding both is only half the work. You must also know how to safeguard your workers, especially women, who may be subject to all kinds of discrimination.

These are some of the key points that you can use to find the best gender equality argumentative essay topics for your paper. Remember, we are all human and, therefore, deserve to be treated equally. For more information about gender equality argumentative essay topics, contact us.

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