Gb520. discussion unit 3 557

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Gb520. discussion unit 3 557
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GB520. Discussion unit 3

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In today’s economy, hiring the best people is more critical than ever as Mrs. McCaskill said when a company is hiring a person, they looking for motivation, experience and education to see if that person will be a good fit for the organizationgoals. 

 On the other hand she mentioned that the most important part is the passion of that person to do it. I totally agreed with her statement. Personally I truly believe that whatever people decide to do, as a profession in order to do well, the passion has to be the main power to performance. When people enjoy the work and have the passion on what their do, no doubt this is the key to success. 
1.	Why does illegal discrimination persist nearly 50 years after the passage of Title VII of the Civil Rights Act?
Discrimination is a controversial issue, because people are different in many ways, ethnicity, religion, group, level of education, personalities, gender, looks, social status, culture. And so on.  The diversity of how people interact with others and how to communicate into different ideas, and how to handle these situations to conceive the effects on others in a daily basis is a very complex matter.

This is a critical component of the strategic management of human resources involving attracting, developing, and retaining the best quality workforce. Selecting and hiring of employees, it is essential thatthere shouldbe a transparency in the hiring process; the question is how clear in the hiring process of employees today?  They are two federal laws:     
 a) Equal opportunity in employment and b) Hire the most qualified.   

In this process the organizationsshould focuseson all those requirementsand be sure that the more qualified person will obtain that job but I think that is important also to look for thepassion thatperson could bring into their performance. This could be a good example ofnon-discrimination involved in the process. But still the grounds of selection are not objectives and subjective thus leading to more scope for discrimination. In this way even after 50 years of passage of Title VII of the Civil Rights Act discriminationstill persists. 

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