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Gantt chart | Business & Finance homework help
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Buying a car is the topic.


For this assignment, you must prepare a GANTT chart project plan for your Personal Project. 


  • Using the Work Breakdown Structure you created for your Personal Project, create a project plan for your personal project
  • Your project plan should be in the form of a GANTT chart
  • Your final deliverable can be an IMAGE of the project plan.
  • If your GANTT chart prints as multiple pages, then create one image file per page.    
  • Or, you can simply submit the .mpp file if you’re using MS Project
  • Submit your document(s) to the instructor via Canvas


Once you have created your WBS in MS Project, creating a GANTT chart is relatively easy. 

Basically, beginning with each work package in the WBS, you must add the following in MS Project.

1. Each task (work package) should be linked to its PREDECESSOR and SUCCESSOR tasks.  That is, you know you cannot start on the task until predecessor tasks are completed.  Each predecessor/successor must be identified in MS Project.

2. Each task should be assigned a duration.  That is, how long will it take to complete this task.  This can be entered in minutes, hours or days.  But you must use the same timeframe for all tasks in your plan. 

3. Each task should be assigned a start date. 

4. Each task can optionally be assigned a resource in MS Project.  That is, WHO will be doing the work. 

Once these four items have been entered into MS Project, it will automatically draw your GANTT chart for you.

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