Future of policing & security powerpoint

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Future of policing & security powerpoint
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Graduate Level Writing Required. 

DUE: Friday, January 20, 2020 by 8pm Eastern Standard Time.  

Background: This is a Team assignment. I only require the following slides be built with extensive speaker notes. No less than 250 words per slide. 

Consider the number of elements of the criminal justice system, including policing, the courts, corrections, and private security and the various aspects of the courts in order to understand what happens after an arrest through sentencing, the various areas in which security may be a better option than public policing, and what is entailed in the role of a police officer. 

Consider all of this as you develop this presentation.

Create a 3 to 4-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation with comprehensive speaker notes in which you address the following:

Address the following:

What changes will there be to help police and private security in the following areas:

– Intelligence

– The building of trust from county, state & federal levels

– Joint action in case of terrorist attack

How will the following change in the future:

– Intelligence

– The building of trust from county, state & federal levels

– Joint action in case of terrorist attack


Include: Images, charts, and multimedia to explain the points of your presentation.

-Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines.

-Provide at least 4 Academic / Scholarly references.

-100% Original Work.

-Must Be Graduate Level Writing. 

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