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Kristie post


I selected the Triumph of the Name of Jesus as the painting which exemplifies all five characteristics within the Baroque Era.   The ceiling is a good example of the baroque style, it displays movement, visionary experience and coextensive space. The ceiling of the nave shows a divine light from the name of Jesus, surrounded with floating figures and falling figures at the bottom. The illusion of a ceiling vault open to the heavens with figures flying freely in and out of the church is a high dramatic affect. The fresco displays a lot of figures, but all were carefully chosen.  Every person in the light is somehow linked order.  The figures also react differently to the holy light.   In the third zone, we see the most impressive part of the fresco, the fall of the demons (hell).  Theatrical style is achieved in this painting through a billowing range of bodily contortion, facial expressions and gestures.  Concept of time would be the rise of the holy and just to the heavens and the fall of the sinners (unjust) to the pits of hell.  As I learned in our textbook that artists such as Baciccio spared no illusionistic device to create a total, mystical atmosphere.

Berania post


I chose The Rape of The Sabine Women because I think that it explains well all the Five characteristics in the Baroque Era. This art has motions in it a good example would be the people fighting against each other. An active space would be where the people are fighting all that area is full of actions, for example, babies crawling and falling on the floor. The concept of time would be a heroic action. A dramatic lightning would be when the man is holding the lady. This painting has a lot of action because there are many things going on at the same time, for example, fighting, a man ruling, others trying to stop the fight, and also the sky. 

 Review the interviews posted by fellow learners. Identify the primary issues you see various families struggling with or experiencing. Are there any themes you can identify here?  

Sheryell post


I interviewed a mom who has two children that attend the head start program. Mom stated she didn’t see where there were any big issues regarding education. She believes the program goes above and beyond when it comes on to her children’s development. As we discussed the support from the programs administrators and teachers, she expressed her gratitude and explained both teachers and administrators are very supportive. Four times a year she meets with her children’s teachers or administrative staff, either through home visits or parent teacher conferences. Two-way communication is frequent during pick-up or drop-off.  She also communicated that one of her children have an IEP and the teacher works extra hard to incorporate different activities to help the child’s needs. The child’s teacher also collaborates with the therapist in order to meet developmental goals. What mom does feel the school needs to celebrate more diversity and represent the cultural of the children the program is serving.


Review the other articles posted and respond to at least one other person in depth. What levels of the ecological theory does their study seem to address? Share your general perspectives about the articles you have seen posted by other members in the course. How do both of your studies fit in?

Kristy post


I found a journal article that discusses the connection between the microsystem and exosystem and violence in schools and student victimization. The study, titled Neighborhood, Family and Individual Influences on School Physical Victimization, was published in 2012; however, the topic is still relevant six years later.

The exosystem of Bronfenbrenner’s ecological systems theory is an environment in which an individual is not involved and is external to his/her experiences. According to the study’s authors, “the ecological systems model identifies individual characteristics, microsystems, and exosystems as influential on bullying and victimization” (2013). Therefore, the microsystem includes the child’s interaction with family and within social settings; the exosystem “involves linkages and processes between two or more settings” – in this case study, home and school and the neighborhood of residence.

The 2012 study revealed that residential instability, such as high resident turnover rates, increases school victimization. They also revealed a connection between parent/child aggression within the home (microsystem) and a high risk of school victimization.

The individual characteristics considered by the study included race, class, gender, and age. Through the study results, the authors identified risk factors in the microsystems. These risk factors included child maltreatment within the home in which children learn negative interaction styles. Public schools are also sources of higher violence, theft, and bullying than private schools within the same geographical settings. The risk factors of the exosystem consisted of the community and neighborhood of both the child’s personal residence and school location; poverty, socioeconomic status, and high turnover of residents were all identified as risk factors.

I found this study to be incredibly relevant not just in terms of school violence but also the connection between the location of the schools and neighborhoods. Lower socioeconomic status and poverty results in more school violence. Of course, there are exceptions to the rule and bullying and violence definitely occurs in private schools and families with high economic status.

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