For idealbooks only | Human Resource Management homework help

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For idealbooks only | Human Resource Management homework help
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1. What is the role of a stakeholder in the managerial process. 250 words

2. Discuss the differences between leading versus managing. 200 words

3. Explain the Five Stage Team Development Model. 300 words

4. What are some of the best practices in outsourcing work? Why is outsourcing useful? What are the negative effects? 250 words

5. Explain what an Earned Value Cost/Schedule System does. 250 words

6. What is the Project Control process? How is Time Performance Monitored? 300 words




Review the Project Management Concepts and Applications Paper that you wrote in Week 1.

Develop a 15- to 20-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation with speaker notes that illustrates a project management plan to expand the scope of the organization or community project that you selected and wrote about in Week 1. This expansion plan may include additional locations, personnel, outcomes, budgets, or other resources.

Include the following in your presentation:

·  Project scope statement

·  Project charter

·  WBS in Microsoft® Project Professional®

·  Communication plan

·  Project schedule in Microsoft® Project Professional®

·  Project budget

·  Risk management plan

·  Change control management plan

·  Steps taken to assemble, develop, and manage the project team

·  Explanation of how you will manage project execution

·  Importance of project sponsorship and project leadership during project execution

·  Method of measuring and reporting project progress and performance

·  The rationale for your choice

·  Include additional sections describing the project retrospective process and the project closedown process for the project.

·  Determine how the project retrospective process and project



NOTE: See attachments 

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