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Chapter 7

Watch the video, Building a Foundation for History.  Write three comments about what you learned from the video.  The link is at the bottom of the assignment.

Read Chapter 7 and answer the following questions:

1.  Give several different rationales for teaching history.

2.  Define the study of history.

3.  List and explain the five (5) key concepts of history.

4.  Define intuitive time and operational time.

5.  What is included in understanding calendar time?

6.  How can routines help teach time?

7.  How can you prepare children for measuring time?

8.  How can you use the life of a child to teach about passage of time?

9.  Give examples of change that pertains to children in each of the following areas:  in school; in the neighborhood or community; in nature; in children.

10.  Explain CLASP. (Explain completely giving examples of what should be included in this project.)

11.  How can children understand the continuity of human life and a feeling of connection among human experiences?

12.  Explain intergenerational contacts.  How can you as a teacher provide intergenerational contacts with children in your care?

13.  List five (5) ways holiday celebrations can be planned around children’s activities and become meaningful.

14.  Give suggestions for each holiday listed:

 Columbus Day: 





 Other Winter Holidays:  

 National Days: 

 Valentine’s Day: 

 Other Holidays: 

15.  What are cultural universals?

16.  How can you as a teacher teach children about the past?

17.  List seven (7) examples of objects used to foster social studies knowledge.

18.  List three (3) types of visual discovery aids and explain how each can be used.

19.  How are narratives and the arts used in studying history?

20.  List five (5) suggestions for helping children become historians.

video: http://video.snead.edu/CHD222/Building_a_Foundation_for_History_-_20150127_154107_25.html


 TitleSocial Studies for the Preschool/Primary ChildAuthorCarol Seefeldt; Sharon D. Castle; Renee Falconer 

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