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For aristotle only | Law homework help
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This is the assignment that we discussed.  Thanks for your assistance/




Prepare a list of three (3) DIFFERENT topics that identify your specific area(s) of interest. Your assignment should be over two different disciplines. Write a discussion paragraph (at least 100 words each) for each topic or use bullet points to briefly describe your rationale for each topic selection (at least 100 words each for bullets as well). Your topic selections must be written in MS Word, with a 12-point font (Arial or Times New Roman), using APA formatting. Submit your topic selection assignment to your instructor for approval.






Healthcare in America

  • Governmental Aspects of it (i.e. why is it so controversial)
  • Sociological Aspects of it (i.e. would it be helpful? encourage laziness?)
  • Technological Aspects of it (where is the world of computer science and medicine going?)
  • Psychological Aspects of it (i.e. would this encourage people to be more unhealthy knowing they can always get health care)
  • (All of these aspects!)
  • Unpopular Wars (multiple aspects of this)
  • Impact of the Economy on the individual
  • Global issues (AIDS, female circumcision, religious intolerance)
  • A psychology topic you’d like to explore (i.e. drug addiction, stress, post traumatic stress disorder, anxiety, depression) with a governmental, economic or social impact.
  • A sociology topic you’d like to explore (i.e. Silent Racism in America, gender bias in America, distribution of wealth in America) with a criminal justice, psychological or technological impact.
  • A government topic you’d like to explore (i.e. two party systems, three party systems, the judicial system) in conjunction with another topic.
  • A history topic you’d like to explore (i.e. What really happened in the Civil War – comparison of multiple wars – strategies) attached to something like “the literature of the day” or “the sociological impact”
  • Any other topic you’re interested in – the sky is the limit – as long as you can find research on it – you can do it!




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