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Below are concepts associated with the role of the auditor in financial reporting. Concept

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Financial Reporting Assignment | Buy Homework Help
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1. ____ Securities and Exchange Commission

2. ____ Need for auditing

3. ____ Cooking the books

4. ____ Management

5. ____ Auditor

6. ____ Independent

7. ____ OpinionDescription

a. Phrase meaning to present the accounting records in an altered format.

b. Auditors are not employees of the company they audit.

c. Responsible for applying generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP).

d. The regulatory body that requires audits of all publicly traded companies.

e. Separation of management from those who own the business or finance operations.

f. The party that reports on whether a company’s financial statements are in accordance with GAAP.

g. The view expressed by an auditor as to the accuracy of a company’s financial statements. Required: Match each concept with its description. Get Accounting Help Today

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