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Please prepare a response to the following prompt. Feel free to ask any questions that come up but should be straightforward. Please submit one Word document with each part broken out.

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Finance Investment Assignment/ Professional Essay Writers
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Aterian Investment Partners is looking to hire a Vice President to join their team for a Q2 2020 start date. You are the Analyst on the deal and looking to set up an execution strategy:
1) What are ten competing firms you think we should reach out to for lateral VP candidates?
2) What does Aterian do and how would you describe their differentiation versus any other private equity firms of a similar size?

John reaches out to you before you can get back to the client and says he has a competing offer with Adams Street Partners – what is the main difference in Adams Street strategy relative to Aterian?

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John gets the offer and it is a $175K base and $175K bonus offer with 2pts of carry in the latest fund. Estimate how much John’s carry would be worth if Aterian is a $300M fund with a 2X return in 5 years. Use Laptop to research how to calculate (we are looking to see if you can teach yourself concepts).

John accepts and is happy with GoBuyside. What are some ways we can creatively use our success on this search to generate more value for GoBuyside? Get Finance Help Today

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