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An investor wants to purchase a hotel that is currently trading at $ 67 million.

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Finance Assignment | Top Essay Writing
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The market’s current rate of return is 10%.

The investor’s required rate of return is 11%.

The asset’s (annual) NOI for the next 5 years [i.e. the current lease term) is $ 6,000,000.

At the end of the current lease (5yrs), you expect the NOI to increase to $ 6,500,000 for the foreseeable future.

You anticipate selling the property five years from today.

The building to land value ratio is 3:1 and the depreciable life of the property is 39 years.

You contacted your banker who is willing to give you an LTV of 80%.

The mortgage loan details are a 7.5% 30-year monthly amortizing loan.

The tax rates are as follows: 22% income tax, 25% depreciation recapture tax, 20% capital gains tax.

Consider straight-line depreciation.

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The going-in Cap rate is 7%.

5 years later, 50 basic points(bps) additional risk premium should be applied to estimate the going-out cap rate.

The cost of sales is 3%.

Calculate your IRR based on Net cash flow before taxes(BTCF)?

a)      18.11%

b)      24.17%

c)      25.27%

d)      25.72%. Get Finance homework help today

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