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From Documentation Book Worksheet 4-2

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Shorten these statements using only the standard abbreviations in Chapter 4 (also in Resource folder)

1. The client requires minimal assistance to stand and pull up clothing with the partial weight-bearing status of the right lower extremity.

2. The patient is able to feed herself independently with the use of built-up utensils.

3. The client has an intact sensation in both upper extremities but reports minimal pain.

4. The client has fifty-five degrees of passive range of motion in the left index distal interphalangeal joint which is within functional limits.

5. While sitting on edge of the bed, the client is able to put on her socks with standby assistance but requires moderate assistance with putting on and taking off the left shoe.

6. The student is independent in wheelchair mobility and basic activities of daily living.

7. The patient requires moderate assistance of two people to transfer from wheelchair to toilet and from toilet to wheelchair.

8. The patient’s toe-touch weight-bearing status limits her performance of instrumental activities of daily living.

9. Constraint-induced movement therapy protocol was initiated to improve the function of the weak left upper extremity for basic activities of daily living.

10. The client was lying on her back with the head of the bed raised. The client was able to correctly state her own name, the name of the facility, and today’s date. Neuromuscular electrical nerve stimulation was applied for ten minutes to the right

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