Finance assignment – financial market

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Finance assignment – financial market
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Assessment Item 1: Group Assignment (20% of overall assessment; marked out of 100)
The great depression that began in the USA in 1929 saw a collapse in the financial markets with significant economic downturn and severe social ramifications associated with high level unemployment. During the last two decades, we have witnessed several great financial market failures, which including 1) The Failure of Barings Bank, 2) The Asian Financial Crisis, 3) The Global Financial Crisis, and 4) European debt crisis. In each of these crises you will see that underlying each crisis is the failure of risk management policy and practice. Please analyse and discuss the question ‘Will there be another financial crisis in the future?’
• examining the important factors that driving globalisation of the international ?financial markets; (10 marks)
• providing an analytical description of one or more financial crises that have occurred ?in the world’s economy; (20 marks)
• c. examining policy, structural and management issues that may create an environment that is conducive to an evolving financial crisis; (20 marks)
(1000 words)

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