Final papers must be a minimum of ten pages (roughly 3000 words),

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Final papers must be a minimum of ten pages (roughly 3000 words),
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We began our tour through American Cinema with Citizen Kane”1941-Orson Welles” a fragmented biography composed of multiple views of the title character presented through the highly subjective recollections of assorted individuals who sometimes seem to even be contradicting one another. These sorts of potentially unreliable narrators and witnesses — characters who may or may not be telling the truth, even to themselves — are featured in many of the films we’ve seen, and are often key elements in narratives in which a certain degree of ambiguity becomes essential to the themes and mood and ideas being expressed. *****

How does this process manifest itself in Sunset Blvd”1950-Billy wilder”, Taxi Driver”1976-martin scorese”, Do the Right Thing“1989-Spike lee” and Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind”2004-Michel Gondry” 

Why is ambiguity an important component in the storytelling process in each of these four individual films and what are some of the specific ways in which we are alerted to the possibility that what we seem to be seeing and/or hearing may not be quite the whole truth? Please remember to incorporate an analysis of how the style of each of these films enhances the director’s vision.


Final papers must be a minimum of ten pages (roughly 3000 words), although you are free to write more.

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