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 So  this time as opposed to using the texts we have read this quarter to  speak about other people’s films I would like you to speak about your  own Final Project in terms that we have broached this Quarter. How have  you understood time through your project if that applies, how has  editing allowed you to speak truth to power if that applies, tell me  about your mis-en-scene, your sound, the formal disruption of your  project, how Adam Curtis’ thoughts on propaganda informed your choices,  how has Maya Deren, Erykah Badu or Storyboard P inspired your  understanding of the body in your film, Stan Brakhage or Luis Bunuel,  Carmen Miranda or Orson Welles, let me know how your work was formed.
Feel  free to use examples from all works read or seen. HOWEVER this is an  attempt to have you make an argument. Merely stating that you were  inspired or influenced isn’t enough. I need to hear justifications, the  whys and hows of your process.
Successes and failures, choices explained, changes understood. Quotes and references properly annotated.
Your 1000 word piece should include a link to your video and at least two or three quotes from the texts.

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