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Allocate at least 5 hours to complete this field experience.

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Field Experience B: Week 3 Small Group Lesson Assignments | Online Homework Help
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Teach the approved lesson plan from week 2 to the selected small group of 5-6 students.

In a 500 word summary reflect upon your experience. Include in your summary;

Your satisfaction level with your lesson plan.

Your ability to execute the lesson plan.

What was successful?

What improvements could be made?

Whether the lesson plan was assessed effectively.

What you might do differently in week 4.

Submit a lesson plan and summary.

APA format is not required, but solid academic writing is expected.

This assignment uses a rubric. Review the rubric prior to beginning the assignment to become familiar with the expectations for successful completion.

You are required to submit this assignment to LopesWrite.

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Section 1: Lesson Preparation

Teacher Candidate Name:



Darius Washington
Grade Level:


8th grade




August, 15,2019


Instructional Plan Title: Lesson plan for English learning for 8th graders


Lesson Summary and Focus: In 2-3 sentences, summarize the lesson, identifying the central focus based on the content and skills you are teaching.

The lesson shall entail guiding students on the correct use of language structures, application of concepts and academic vocabulary. The lesson shall be very keen on paying attention on students’ abilities to understand and internalize specific academic vocabularies and structures.

Classroom and Student Factors/Grouping: Describe the important classroom factors (demographics and environment) and student factors (IEPs, 504s, ELLs, students with behavior concerns, gifted learners), and the effect of those factors on planning, teaching, and assessing students to facilitate learning for all students. This should be limited to 2-3 sentences and the information should inform the differentiation components of the lesson.

The classroom shall entail 5-6 students from varying abilities and races between the ages of 17 and 18 years. The group of students entails IEPs, ELLS and students with behavioral issues. These factors shall require an individualized instructional strategy based on cultural and learning abilities.




National/State Learning Standards: Review national and state standards to become familiar with the standards you will be working within the classroom environment.

Your goal in this section is to identify the standards that are the focus of the lesson being presented. Standards must address learning initiatives from one or more content areas, as well as align with the lesson’s learning targets/objectives and assessments.

Include the standards with the performance indicators and the standard language in its entirety.


The Common Core State standards for 8th grade require the application of conventions of standard English, language knowledge, learning and use of vocabulary. These lessons’ learning objectives perfectly align with the standard’s initiatives and performance indicators.

The NCTE/IRA Standards require that students acquire language skills, literacy skills, innovation, creativity and of students through availing resources, opportunities, and instruction to guide them. This lesson plan outlines the differentiated activities and materials which shall engage the students to improve their learning abilities, innovation, and creativity.




Specific Learning Target(s)/Objectives: Learning objectives are designed to identify what the teacher intends to measure in learning. These must be aligned with the standards. When creating objectives, a learner must consider the following:

  • Who is the audience
  • What action verb will be measured during instruction/assessment
  • What tools or conditions are being used to meet the learning


What is being assessed in the lesson must align directly to the objective created. This should not be a summary of the lesson, but a measurable statement demonstrating what the student will be assessed on at the completion of the lesson. For instance, “understand” is not measureable, but “describe” and “identify” are.

For example:

Given an unlabeled map outlining the 50 states, students will accurately label all state names.

The students shall be given exercises with sentences applying Subject-verb-Object  and will be able to practice and compare  with their own cultural language structure

The students shall be given plays to act out and be able to identify use of grammatical structures and uses as well as vocabulary


Academic Language In this section, include a bulleted list of the general academic vocabulary and content-specific vocabulary you need to teach. In a few sentences, describe how you will teach students those terms in the lesson.


  • Tolerance
  • Integration
  • Epiphany
  • Supercilious

These terms shall be taught in form of various activities students will undertake. The students shall engage based on their learning needs in games, puzzles, matching of flashcards and singing of songs where all the activities shall integrate the above terms to promote context understanding.







Resources, Materials, Equipment, and Technology: List all resources, materials, equipment, and technology you and the students will use during the lesson. As required by your instructor, add or attach copies of ALL printed and online materials at the end of this template. Include links needed for online resources.


I will use flashcards, word walls, YouTube and special videos, printable worksheets, games and puzzles (see links below).









Section 2: Instructional Planning

Anticipatory Set

Your goal in this section is to open the lesson by activating students’ prior knowledge, linking previous learning with what they will be learning in this lesson and gaining student interest for the lesson. Consider various learning preferences (movement, music, visuals) as a tool to engage interest and motivate learners for the lesson.

In a bulleted list, describe the materials and activities you will use to open the lesson. Bold any materials you will need to prepare for the lesson.


For example:

·         I will use a visual of the planet Earth and ask students to describe what Earth looks like.

·         I will record their ideas on the whiteboard and ask more questions about the amount of water they think is on planet Earth and where the water is located.

·         I will use word walls consist of frequently used terms and vocabularies

·         I will keep adding in new words discovered during the classroom and ask students to spell out as I write on a word wall.


Time Needed





24 hours

Multiple Means of Representation

Learners perceive and comprehend information differently. Your goal in this section is to explain how you would present content in various ways to meet the needs of different learners. For example, you may present the material using guided notes, graphic organizers, video or other visual media, annotation tools, anchor charts, hands-on manipulatives, adaptive technologies, etc.

In a bulleted list, describe the materials you will use to differentiate instruction and how you will use these materials throughout the lesson to support learning. Bold any materials you will need to prepare for the lesson.


For example:

·         I will use a Venn diagram graphic organizer to teach students how to compare and contrast the two main characters in the read-aloud story.

·         I will model one example on the whiteboard before allowing students to work on the Venn diagram graphic organizer with their elbow partner.












Explain how you will differentiate materials for each of the following groups:


·         English language learners (ELL):

I will use printable flashcards which list the relevant language structures and vocabulary words. This will allow the students to learn by repeating the words for practice and memory improvement.




·         Students with special needs:

I will use a playlist of songs which students will sing along. The songs shall integrate key vocabularies and language structures which will be easy for students to internalize.



·         Students with gifted abilities


I will use a number of virtual and manual games for students to play

I shall model a reward system where students will be encouraged to achieve higher levels in the games to receive  a star


·         Early finishers (those students who finish early and may need additional resources/support):


I will allocate some poetry books including narratives which have a story line plot

The students shall asked to write down the themes, characters, setting, and styles used

The students shall be required to write a 200-word essay of the poem summary



Time Needed



















48 hours

Multiple Means of Engagement

In a bulleted list, describe the activities you will engage students in to allow them to explore, practice, and apply the content and academic language. Bold any activities you will use in the lesson. Also, include formative questioning strategies and higher order thinking questions you might pose.


For example:

·         I will use a matching card activity where students will need to find a partner with a card that has an answer that matches their number sentence. 

·         I will model one example of solving a number sentence on the white board before having students search for the matching card.

·         I will then have the partner who has the number sentence explain to their partner how they got the answer.









Explain how you will differentiate activities for each of the following groups:

·         English language learners (ELL):


I will allocate flashcards both entailing questions and answers for matching activity


I will divide the students into two groups where one group will ask questions and the other shall match the answers on the flashcards


·         Students with special needs:

I will provide a specific number of songs for taking turns

I will ask the students in two groups each to rate each other’s’ rhythms and pronunciation of words in the songs



·         Students with gifted abilities:


I will use a word for word classroom games chosen what is allocated for the lessons

The students shall be asked to match or identify words with similar pronunciation but different meanings and words spelled differently but with similar meanings.


·         Early finishers (those students who finish early and may need additional resources/support):


They shall be engaged puzzle activity entailing tough words and required to solve them

I shall model questions on the white board and have the students complete word puzzles as answers



Time Needed















48 hours

Multiple Means of Expression

Learners differ in the ways they navigate a learning environment and express what they know. Your goal in this section is to explain the various ways in which your students will demonstrate what they have learned. Explain how you will provide alternative means for response, selection, and composition to accommodate all learners. Will you tier any of these products? Will you offer students choices to demonstrate mastery? This section is essentially differentiated assessment.

In a bulleted list, explain the options you will provide for your students to express their knowledge about the topic. For example, students may demonstrate their knowledge in more summative ways through a short answer or multiple-choice test, multimedia presentation, video, speech to text, website, written sentence, paragraph, essay, poster, portfolio, hands-on project, experiment, reflection, blog post, or skit. Bold the names of any summative assessments.

Students may also demonstrate their knowledge in ways that are more formative. For example, students may take part in thumbs up-thumbs middle-thumbs down, a short essay or drawing, an entrance slip or exit ticket, mini-whiteboard answers, fist to five, electronic quiz games, running records, four corners, or hand raising. Underline the names of any formative assessments.

For example:

Students will complete a one-paragraph reflection on the in-class simulation they experienced. They will be expected to write the reflection using complete sentences, proper capitalization and punctuation, and utilize an example from the simulation to demonstrate their understanding. Students will also take part in formative assessments throughout the lesson, such as thumbs up-thumbs middle-thumbs down and pair-share discussions, where you will determine if you need to re-teach or re-direct learning.









Explain how you will differentiate assessments for each of the following groups:

·         English language learners (ELL):



The students shall be required to write personal scenarios that connect to the classroom content. The scenarios must be reflective of what they have learned and must integrate proper grammatical spelling, intonations, capitalization and relevant vocabulary.


·         Students with special needs:

The students shall undertake a self-assessment exercise in which they shall rate their abilities and skills against the set rubric for the lessons. The idea is to test the students’ ability to self-assess and be aware of their weaknesses and strengths. The teachers shall create a safe zone to promote accurate self-assessment.



·         Students with gifted abilities:

The students shall develop graphic organizers which link ideas taught in the classroom. They will be expected to show ability to show flow of ideas, integration of imagery and coordination.



·         Early finishers (those students who finish early and may need additional resources/support):



The students shall be engaged to develop their own learning rubric in which they shall rate themselves from weak to excellent in terms of comprehension, applicability and identification of the vocabularies and language structures taught. They shall use the teacher’s grading and feedback of their work for reference.


Time Needed
72 hours
Extension Activity and/or Homework

Identify and describe any extension activities or homework tasks as appropriate. Explain how the extension activity or homework assignment supports the learning targets/objectives. As required by your instructor, attach any copies of homework at the end of this template.


Extension activities shall entail, creating songs about family history while at home and developing skits in their free time. These activities must integrate and apply the terms, vocabularies and language structures taught.





Time Needed

72 hours


Links for online resources:

FluentU.(2019). Make your job easier with these 9 ESL resources for high school teachers. Retrieved from https://www.fluentu.com/blog/educator-english/

Teachaway.(2019).13 free resources for ESL lesson planning I couldn’t teach without. Retrieved https://www.teachaway.com/blog/13-free-resources-esl-lesson


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