Vital Features of Essay in Literature

Vital Features of Essay in Literature

Besides having a grammatically correct essay and free off spelling errors, it is essential to consider all the vital features of essay in literature. A good essay should have a strong purpose that it develops progressively in the entire essay. All literature essays that are in literature, essays have a strong purpose know as the thesis. A good and comprehensive essay introduces the thesis in the first paragraph, which is the opening paragraph. The subsequent paragraphs are then well organized and developed. Also, the body should have paragraphs, with each paragraph bringing forth an elaborate argument on a specific topic. Those arguments should be introduced by a topic sentence at the beginning of every paragraph. Most importantly, the paragraphs should build each other to the conclusion.

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Vital Features of Essay in Literature
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features of essay in literature

The key intention when writing an essay is to catch the attention of the reader and keep them hooked. The main essential ways of grabbing the attention and the interest of the readers are to have a strong and compelling thesis and to have a hooking opening paragraph. First, your thesis statement should contain a strong opinion that you are yet to defend. In as much as your thesis statement should be provocative, you should ensure that it narrows down the major wide perspective to the point that one is in a position to establish your position when reading the entire essay. Additionally, ensure you can defend your thesis either from research or from the literature text at hand.

Secondly, it is vital to note that the first paragraph is very fundamental. Besides using the vital features of essay in literature, you can grab the attention of the reader in the first paragraph using different ways. Such ways include a compelling quote, an unusual anecdote, and a passage of description, then the thesis statement.

Essay Definition in Literature

An essay is a short piece of writing, can either be informal or formal, expressing the arguments of the author concerning a specific topic.

The word essay is from the French word “essayer,” meaning “to attempt.” A 16th century Frenchman, Michel de Montaigne, created the first modern-day definition of essay when the named his writing exercises essays. All he meant and was simply putting across is that he was just “trying” to get his thoughts on paper.

The key difference between a formal essay and an informal essay is that an informal essay may entail humor, personal reflections, and the author might choose to organize their essay as they so wish. On the other hand, a formal essay has a more serious objective, and the organization id highly structured.

In as much as a formal essay has a tone that is more detached, it can also represent the personalized opinions of the author, and above all, written from the perspective of the author. Additionally, it is advisable to note that essays are shorter than dissertations or thesis; therefore, they handle the matter at hand in a limited way. Furthermore, essays can be of different themes, such as political opinions, text analysis, concepts of an abstract, autobiography fragments, scientific ideas, etc.

Literary Essay Structure

The development of essays in English literature is a vital step in language and all fields of learning.

The basis literary essay structure has three main parts:

  1. Introduction
  2. Body
  3. Conclusion


The introduction is the first part of your essay. Therefore, you must be careful with how you compose your introduction. Also, your introduction should have a powerful hook to keep the readers glued and have the urge and interest in reading the entire essay. In the introduction, summarize what each work of the essay is all about in a sentence. Mention the title for each work you are analyzing and the respective author.

Furthermore, state the thesis of your essay in the thesis statement. The thesis statement should bear the main focus of the entire piece of literature. For example, you might provide the answer to the main question that touches on the better part of the literary works.


It is in the body that you will elaborate every point comprehensively, first, provide an explanation of your initial point and make sure it is connected to your thesis. Provide authentic support to your point; this can be using a quote from a book or a life story you witnessed or experienced.

Secondly, provide enough details on your second point and connect it to your thesis. Consequently, provide support for your argument using a quote from a book.

features of essay in literature

Lastly, provide a detailed and well-organized explanation of your most important idea and connect it to your thesis. Elaborate as you discuss giving interpretations and support your thoughts using quotes from the book, real-life experience, or a trending affair. Above all, ensure that you do not re-tell the story without providing elaborate interpretations.


Your conclusion is as essential as the introduction. The conclusion should be a summary of all your key points. Therefore, as you make your summary, ensure to tie the points to the thesis. One way of making your conclusion relevant is by connecting your interpretation to the main theme or point of discussion. Secondly, you can give an explanation of the things you have learned or experienced to make you write the essay.

Salient Features of Essay

The salient features of essays include:


The content of the essay is the message of the writer. Good content is developed comprehensively and coherently.


An essay structure is an organization. A good essay is organized into an introduction, the key points in the body, and a conclusion.


Mechanics is the use of language. A good essay is well written and thoroughly and carefully edited to eliminate grammatical and spelling errors.

5 Features of a Good Essay

A good essay has the following features:

  1. Correctness – use the correct standard English.
  2. Coherence – write your essay in a logical manner and have all your idea flowing.
  3. Unity – all your paragraphs should be linked to the thesis to have the main idea.
  4. Development – every paragraph should expound on the main idea.
  5. Focus – an essay should have a single major idea.

Literary Analysis Essay

A literary analysis essay is a vital writing assignment for students as it helps in the development of understanding and analysis of texts, which are absolute aspects of the process of learning.

Good understanding of the features of essay in literature and of the literary analysis essay puts you in a better position to write and analyze literature texts comprehensively and exceptionally. Additionally, literary analysis essay entails all the skills of writing. For this reason, My Homework Writers provides you with these vital features of essay in literature for better understanding. You can also visit for other related articles.

Literary Analysis Essay Definition

A literary analysis essay is an essay that entails an analysis that is argumentative in nature. Furthermore, the author analyses and examines the movie, text, novel, or book, conducting a comprehensive analysis of the idea, the plot, its characters, the style of writing, techniques, and the devices the writer uses to narrate their story.

Additionally, a literature analysis essay motivates students to think in different deep perspectives about the subject.

Characteristics of a Literary Analysis Essay

First, there is no specification for the number of paragraphs your literary analysis essay should have. The number of paragraphs entirely depends on the type of writing piece, the subject matter, and the requirements and instructions from your lecturer or teacher. For instance, a poem analysis contains one content; on the other hand, you will have to use a different approach when analyzing, for instance, a novel. Also, there is a variation in the length of your literary analysis essay.

However, irrespective of the type of literature you want to talk about, here are some common characteristics or details you will have to include in your text. They include:

  • The genre or type of piece of literature.
  • An analysis of characters.
  • The analysis of the plot, that is, the main idea.
  • Reviewing the theme
  • A comprehensive description of the symbols, that is, symbolism of the piece of writing.
  • The structure, that is, the writing technique or style.

How to Write a Literary Essay Analysis?

First step: carefully and thoroughly read the book to get its literal meaning. Ensure that you understand the main idea, that is, the plot of the novel or the play, and know the characters.

Second step: mark the novel or play by underlining all the descriptions you find essential. Note all your reactions, comments, and questions.

The third step: have a draft picture of all the main characters and write down how you feel about each one of them at the beginning of the work. Also, ensure to write what you feel about them after reading, at the end of the work.

Fourth step: carefully and critically review all that you wrote, your notes about the work.

Fifth step: make a decision on the question you want to address about the work you are analyzing. Remember that this answer should be your thesis. Always strive to have a comprehensive and compelling thesis and an interesting interpretation. Lastly, carefully choose the quotes and supporting statements, that is evidence, from the story to support your thesis.

What are the 10 Features of Academic Writing?

Irrespective of the type of academic writing assignment, there are various fundamental elements that must be part of your work to have a good paper.

  1. Introduction
  2. Thesis
  3. Academic writing assignment or task
  4. An argument
  5. Structure and organization
  6. Paragraph development
  7. Plagiarism and citations
  8. Choice of word
  9. Sentence construction
  10. Grammar and spelling

features of essay in literature


The introduction is the beginning and the first section of your essay, and it introduces your subject. The main objective of the introduction is to inform your reader of what you will talk about, introduce the subject matter, and keep the readers engaged. Your introduction should be specific, short, and concise, and avoid generalization. Also, prepare the reader of what they are yet to encounter. Make the introduction as interesting and compelling as possible.

Thesis Statement

A thesis statement is a statement that entails the main argument for the reader. It addresses the key question of the context of discussion. The thesis is written at the end of your introduction. Also, the thesis entails your topic and the points you would make about your subject.

Academic Writing Assignment or Task

The task is what you are assigned to write on. Here at My Homework Writers, we advise you to carefully and thoroughly read your assignment sheet before you embark on research or writing your paper. Make sure you understand what is required of you, since failure to understand what you should be doing, will make you tackle the entire assignment wrongly.

An Argument

The presentation of your arguments to support your thesis is what persuades the reader. Using the information, you have researched, argue, and elaborate on your key points. Provide concrete proof to back up your arguments. Without elaborate evidence, all your points will never convince and persuade your readers and your lecturer. Having advanced arguments is a fundamental factor in your paper.

Structure and Organization

Explain all your thoughts logically, as you have outlined in your introduction. Have a structure that enables the body of your paragraph to flow. Above all, group all your ideas in a manner that flows and, in a way, they relate to each other.

Paragraph Development

Treat every paragraph as a single unit. That is, every paragraph should contain a single clear idea. Ensure that you present every point in its own paragraph, by so doing, you will have enough space to provide an elaborate explanation of your point. When a new idea arises, do not hesitate to have a new paragraph. Do not try to fix two ideas in a single paragraph.

Plagiarism and Citations

Improper citations or forgetting to site your work makes you guilty of plagiarism. There is so much information provided about plagiarism. Therefore, one cannot stand a chance to claim such a manner of ignorance. Thus, it is advisable to properly cite all the work borrowed from other sources, even when you paraphrase. Ensure you use the right academic style when making citations.

Choice of Word

Your choice of word should make your work readable. Avoid instances where the reader will find it unbearable to read your piece of writing. Therefore, try as much as possible to avoid using jargon. Use simple language and maintain an academic tone.

Sentence Construction

Ensure that all your sentences are of standard. That is, your sentence should have one main clause. Also, you should limit each sentence to a single idea. Simple sentences make it easier for the readers to read and understand what you are putting across.

Grammar and Spelling

Grammatical errors and spelling errors turn most readers off. Avoid spelling mistakes as a simple mistake could alter the meaning of the original text. Additionally, using the right and appropriate grammar helps you create clear, specific, and concise writing and maintains the meaning of the text.

What are the Features of Composition Writing?
As part of understanding the features of essay in literature, it is vital to know the features of composition writing.

Thesis Statement

This is the claim you make in your writing, making the center of your thoughts and ideas.


The development of your composition should point back to your thesis with elaborate explanations, examples, and essential and significant information to guide the reader to understand your ideas.

features of essay in literature


Structure all your ideas to make it easy for your readers to understand and follow what you are saying.

Sentence structure

Use complete sentences to express your ideas.

Words use

Use proper and effective words. Avoid jargon and vagueness. Avoid spelling and grammatical errors as much as possible.


Use the right punctuation to help the reader identify how you have broken the various segments of your work.

Style of Document

It is advisable to properly cite all the work borrowed from other sources, even when you paraphrase. Ensure you use the right academic style when making citations.

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To conclude, it is fundamental to comprehend the various features of essay in literature and put them into practice. Since it is through your work that you can be able to present your views and above all, express yourself in writing. Therefore, ensures you have the best results by working round the clock to provide you with the help you need at affordable and pocket-friendly prices.

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