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Welcome to the Execution phase! During this phase, the greatest amount of effort, time, and money are expended to complete all the activities defined during the planning phase.

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Execution Phase Discussion Assignment | Homework Help Websites
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  • Overview
  • Quality control feedback- developing your chart
  • Construct changes to your assignment and resubmit on THURSDAY
  • Schedule (Management or: Marketing / Social Media /Workers)
    • Below are some examples:
  • Project scheduling and timeline
  • Monitor and control all time spent
  • Record the activities performed
  • Request approval for time spent
  • Raise and resolve any time management issues
  • Determine whether you’re currently on track
  • Track and manage work on a daily, hourly, or weekly basis
  • Communicate progress to stakeholders
  • Identify, track, and plan for the relationships (or “dependencies”) between work items
  • Identify, track, and plan for any constraints on resources, work items, or deadlines
  • Manage resources more effectively to keep projects on track
  • https://www.smartsheet.com/pert-101-charts-analysis-and-templates-more-accurate-project-time-estimates
  • https://www.smartsheet.com/definitive-guide-project-scheduling



  1. Purpose
    1. The purpose of the project and why project management will be useful


  1. Introduction to Project Management
    1. Develop Project Plan / Project Background (Brand Identity)
    2. Project objectives
    3. Project Requirements and specifications
  2. Work Breakdown structure
    1. Activities, Milestones & Durations / Task Constraints
  3. Key Stakeholders & Potential Stakeholders
  4. RAM/RACI Matrix
  5. Communication Matrix
  6. Develop a Breakdown of Work
  7. Schedule
    1. Setting Default Values
      1. Current Date
      2. Calendar
  • Working Time
  1. Project Calendar
  1. Risk Management
    1. Issues Resolution Plan
    2. Organization and human resources plan
  2. Budget
    1. Estimated costs
    2. Budget/Funding Profile


  1. Tracking Progress
  2. Summary


professional writing services near me


DK Daycare



Miami International University

February, 2019



DK Daycare Brand Identity

  1. Brand Identity

DK is a daycare in small industry city offering babysitting and other children daycare services for working parents. DK Daycare Companyis located in Yanbu city, Saudi Arabia and it is operating within these areas. Recently, there has been a problem of limited daycare services in Yanbu city which have made many parents struggle while working with their children. Therefore, the DK baby care company will be minimizing such problems associated with the lack of daycare services. Moreover, DK Daycare Company will be well adapted since there is only one competitor in that field.

  • Mission

DK has a mission to provide quality child care services to families in a professional, nurturing and educational environment.

  • Vision

Our vision, DK Daycare Company, is to be the most competitive and successful company offering safe, committed, developmentally, inclusive environment, and high-quality day care services for children and their family.

  • Value

Our values as DK daycare company will be: –

  • Honesty, Integrity, quality, respect, teamwork, clean and professional
  • Dedicated, friendly, welcoming, and achievement
  • Target Audience

The target audience for DK Daycare Company will be all families within Yanbu city in Saudi Arabia with age (from 1 month to 5 years).

  1. Scope Project
  2. Service scope

The services that DK daycare offers include educational classes for children between 3 to 5 years old and babysitting services for children 1month to 2 years old. DK daycare comes with a product scope that characterizes different functions and features that it will hold. For instance, DK daycare will be purposed at babysitting as well as taking care of children on behalf of parents while they work or pursue they’re additional professional such as higher studies. Other than babysitting, the DK baby care will be benefiting children in a variety field including social aimed at helping the children to grow both emotionally, physically, and spiritually. Various features that will characterize DK daycare will include educational-wise, socialization, safety, physical fitness, and other healthy daycare services.

  1. Project scope

The class will be comprised of 30 kids. Social media will be utilized in the marketing of the services offered. DK daycare has a project scope that explains different measures it will implement to ensure that this company will be able to deliver effective daycare services as brought about by the product scope indicated above. That is, for DK Daycare to meet its intended functions, various strategies will accommodate. Firstly, DK daycare will identify its market, offer useful feedback to parents, good financial planning, and ensure transparent and attainable goals and values to be operating at. Further DK will ensure they will employ competent and well-trained staffs, introducing safety precautions within the daycare, opening effective lines of communications with parents about children’s position and condition, and being flexible for any changes that may occur while doing daily daycare operations (Pro care Software, 2018). The launching of the project is set to be on 20th March this year.

  1. Objectives

The first primary objective of DK daycare industry will be ensuring that the company will be profitable. Therefore, various measures need to be put into consideration to ensure that the business will be successful by getting enough profit to facilitate the development of the company. For instance, DK will be setting an available and competent enrollment fee for children joining the daycare which will ensure that the company will not be operating at a loss. Consequently, the outcome of the profitability goal in DK industry will be ensuring that the company will be successful in the long run.

The other objective for DK daycare is providing a nurturing, fun environment for daycare children. The efficiency of this goal will be measured through the level of growth in the natured children in terms of speech, education wise, and physical wise among other achievements. This objective will be achieved through purchasing of various equipment including child-sized furniture, craft materials, nap cots, toys, books, games, and other stuff that help a child to learn, count, and to keep them stimulated. The outcome of a suitable environment will be increased school performance as well as more children joining the daycare.

  1. Budget:
  • Budget plan
Deliverable/ Description Price
1 Licensing Fee $
2 Insurance Fee $
3 Medical Clearance Fee $
4 Child’s Equipment $
5 Rent Fee $
6 Furniture Costs $
7 Employees’ Wages/Salaries $
8 Additional Costs $
Total Cost $


  1. Financial Issues

DK daycare experiences various external financial issues outside my control. These external financial risks include the government regulations and licensing costs that sometimes bring unexpected expenses; thus, they act as a major block for all the daycare operations. For instance, Yanbu city in Saudi Arabia offers strict licensure requirements to daycares which are sometimes expensive. Failures to comply with these licensures is also costly which acts as one of the significant business risks. Further, the increasing need for toys and other critical equipment as for the needs of children acts as a limiting financial factor as DK daycare is trying to satisfy the requirements of the children.

Increasing employees’ salaries and wages can be a limiting factor in case of the insufficient or minimal fund within the company. Notably, since DK cannot operate without employees and other professional workers, there is a high chance that the company might be unable to meet all their increasing financial needs including elevated salaries. Furthermore, setting the prices and cost per children attending daycare is another vital challenge. The cost set can be challenging as balancing the fee to be charged with the number of daycare hours parents need can bring loss due to additional children need to be met at additional daycare periods. For instance, the cost set might be too high making some parents unable to pay for the services. Conversely, the charged cost might be too low making the company be at financial bankrupt.




  1. Competing for funds with other projects
    1. Overview
  2. No of people/companies/workers

In summary, DK daycare will create employment at Yanbu city. The industry will be employing two professional teachers in the field of child development education, one security officer, a medical or first aid officer, among other casual and professional workers. Further, the company will be holding a maximum of 30 children; although there is a plan to advance the facility to incorporate more kids. Although the company will have a higher market share, it will receive some competition from other daycare facilities. For instance, there is another daycare facility that is posted within Yanbu city.

  1. What is the Form of communication

Communication is an essential instrument in any daycare facility. DK daycare will incorporate various forms of communication which will suit the needs of all children as well as customers and parents who might need daycare services. The first form of communication that will be profoundly used in DK Company will be verbal communication (Janoschka, 2004). Here, the message about the daycare and the services it will be offering will be communicated through oral or from one person to the other. The other essential form of communication that will be usedis written communication. Here, the intended information will be passed through written papers, noticeboard, posters, and other printed advertisement. These advertisements will be postedin various towns and cities within Yanbu city in Saudi Arabia. Lastly, visual communication will be used where the intended message will be passed to customers and other clients through media including televisions or other drawn illustrations about the daycare (Janoschka, 2004).




  1. Key Stakeholders and Potential Stakeholders
Stakeholders External/internal Contribution


Internal They own the DK Daycare company and are responsible for dealing with the issues facing the business. According to Stevenson, Hojati and Cao (2007), owners have the responsibility of making sure that business activities are in line with the set objectives.


External The contribution of the parents to the DK Daycare company is to make sure that they meet the requirements and guidelines set by the daycare.
designer and architect External The contribution of designer and architect is to make sure that the facility is designed in a way that accommodates the needs of the children.
Cleaner Internal The contribution of the clear is ensuring that the environment is clean and cannot lead to disease outbreak.
Cooker Internal The contribution of cooker is to ensure that the children are provided with food that is fit for their health.
Care givers


Internal The contribution of the care givers include making sure that they offer high quality services to meet the needs of the customers who are the parents with tight working schedules.
Management Internal The contribution of the management is to ensure operations are managed and aligned with the vision of the DK Daycare company aiming at achieving the set objectives. The managers are expected to manage the company while focusing on the interests of the owner (Okoro, 2012).
Kids External The kids are the major focus in the project as they are the recipient of the dare care services. The contribution of the kids in the company is to ensure they comply with the instructions provided by the management.
Child services Internal The contribution of the child services is to meet the expectations of the parents and improve the reputation of the DK Daycare company in the market.








  1. Classification of the Stakeholders
Name Role Condition for satisfaction Involvement Plan for dealing with issues
Doaa (owner) Assessing the progress of the company The business need to show profitability and satisfaction of the customer needs. Involved in all decisions of the company. Develops strategies necessary for the company to enhance performance.
Parents (customers) Comply with the requirements of the company. Receiving high quality services that meet their expectations. Involved by management by giving their views on ways to enhance service delivery. Parents will be continuously involved by the company especially when implementing changes.
Manager Managing operations of the company The managers will be satisfied the moment the company manages to achieve the set objectives. Participate in management of all operations of the company Managers will come up with plans necessary for addressing needs of the customers and coping with competition in the market.
Kids The role of the kids is to be available. Satisfaction can be achieved the moment the kids are provided with the appropriate services. They will be involved in the service delivery process. The kids will be engaged in making decisions concerning the day care services.
Government Control operations Satisfaction can be realized when the company complies with the set regulations. Government will be engaged with the aim of ensuring proper compliance. Government has plans for ensuring that operations of the company are within the law.



  1. RAM/RACI Matrix
Step The tasks Doaa (owner) John (manager) Jennings (employee) Ann (employee) The stakeholder
1.1 Brand Identity R,I,S,C I,R,A S,I S,I I,C
1.2 Product scope R, I,S R,A I,R I,R R,A
1.3 Project scope R,I,S R,A I,R I,R R,A
1.4 Setting objectives R,I,S,C R,A I I R,A
1.5 Managing human resources R,I,S R,A I I I
1.6 Developing the budget R,S,I R,A I,C I,C I,
1.7 Addressing financial issues R,S,I C,R,A I,C I,C I
1.8 Communication C,R,I,S C,R,A I I I


C Consulted
S Support
A Accountable
R Responsible
I Informed
  1. Communication Matrix
Participants Roles Purpose Description Frequency Medium Responsible person
Doaa (owner) Evaluating the company operations. Ensure the company is in the right track. Comment on the overall performance Weekly Face to face communication manager
Parents (customers) Providing their opinions Ensure high quality services are offered Ideas from the customers are crucial in improving the service delivery. Weekly Drop box Manager
John (manager) Manage operations of the company Align the operational activities with the vision of the company Ensure strategies for continued improvement are in place Daily Face to face meeting with employees Owner
Employees Work towards meeting the needs of the customers. Ensure customers are satisfied Offer high quality services to meet the standards set. Daily Informal meeting Manager
Feedback from parents Feedback from the parents have a role in enhancing service delivery The purpose of the feedback is to make sure services are improved The parents will be allowed to give ideas on areas that need improvement. Weekly Face to face Manager
Employees evaluation and performance Ensures employees are productive The purpose is to identify the employees that need training It is through evaluation of the employees’ performance that they can be made more productive Weekly Informal meeting Manager



  1. Breakdown of Work (WBS)



  1. Overview of project Schedule
Task 14th March 15th March 16th March 17th March 18th March 19th March 20th March
Market survey              
Designing logo and interior of the facility.              
Recruiting employees              
Market survey              
Evaluation of research findings              
Designing website and business cards.              
Start operations              


Risk management

  1. Risk Identification
1. Inadequate resources: The management of the daycare can experience shortage in the resources needed for running the company.
2. High operation costs: The daycare can experience increase costs of operations beyond the planned level due to economic changes.
3. Failure to meet clients’ needs: The daycare can fail to meet the expectations of the parents.
4. Choking Hazards: The kids can be choked by food or even small objects.
5. Injuries: The kids can suffer injuries while in the daycare.
6. Illnesses Kids might be affected by the weather conditions and suffer some illnesses.
7. Environmental risks The operations of the daycare can be affected by weather challenges like presence of storms.


The risks that are faced by DK Daycare include inadequate resources, high operations costs, the failure to meet needs of the clients, choking hazards, injuries, illnesses and storms. For example, the daycare has limited resources hence that can affect the management of operations in the company. The operations costs are likely to increase due to the economic fluctuations such as inflation. The management of the DK Daycare is facing some challenges in meeting the needs of clients. The kids are exposed to numerous risks while in the facility such as injuries, illnesses, and storms especially during bad weather.








  1. The probability and impact of the risks.
  High Risk 4: Choking Hazards
    Risk 5: Injuries Risk 6: illnesses Risk 1: Inadequate resources:




Medium Risk 3: Failure to meet clients’ needs
Low Risk 2: High operation costs
Risk 7: storms
Low Medium High



 The risks facing DK Daycare that have high probability of happening are the choking hazards while the probability of occurrence of most of the other risks is medium. The risks that are least likely to happen include the high cost operations risks and storms. The risks with the highest level of impacts once they occur include high operations costs and inadequate resources risks.








  1. The overall severity/importance of the risks.

Risk Assessment Chart

Probability distribution
7 Risk 5
6 Risk 2 Risk 1
4 Risk 6 Risk 4
3 Risk 7
2 Risk 3 Risk 5
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
Severity – importance

                    Severe Risk              High Risk           Elevated Risk              Guarded Risk

1. Inadequate resources:
2. High operation costs:
3. Failure to meet clients’ needs:
4. Choking Hazards:
5. Injuries:
6. Illnesses
7. Storms


Inadequate resources is a severe risk in the operations of DK Daycare. This is because the company needs resources in order to operate well and achieve the set objectives. Lack of enough resources can make the DK Daycare fail in meeting the expectations of the kids and parents thus making the company loss market share.


  1. Important risks for further action.

The risks that are most important and need further action include inadequate resources risk, choking hazards facing the kids and injuries to the kids. These risks need further action in order to ensure that they are mitigated. The occurrence of the risks is likely to seriously harm the reputation and performance of the company. For example, inadequate resources can lead to failure to deliver services to level that can meet the expectations of the customers. Also, in case of choking hazards and injuries, the company is likely to lose its customers as the parents are concerned about the welfare of their children.




The risk breakdown structure


Risk techniques

There are various risks techniques that I would use in the mitigation of the risks facing the project. The first technique is the risk avoidance technique. Risk avoidance entails the development of an alternative strategy with a higher probability of achieving success at higher costs (Reim, Parida, and Sjödin, 2016). The second risk technique that I would use is the risk-sharing technique. Risk sharing technique entails making a partnership with others with the aim of sharing responsibilities associated with the risk activities. The third risk technique I would use is the risk reduction technique. According to Alhawari, et al. (2012), the risk reduction technique involves reducing risks through investing funds in the project. The last risk technique that I would use in mitigating the risks facing the project is the risk transfer technique. The risk transfer technique involves shifting the project risks to another party with the aim of minimizing the risks.



Alhawari, S., Karadsheh, L., Talet, A. N., & Mansour, E. (2012). Knowledge-based risk management framework for information technology project. International Journal of Information Management, 32(1), 50-65.

Janoschka, A. (2004). Web Advertising: New forms of communication on the internet. Amsterdam, Netherlands: John Benjamins Publishing.

Okoro, E. (2012). Cross-cultural etiquette and communication in global business: Toward a strategic framework for managing corporate expansion. International journal of business and management7(16), 130.

Pro care Software. (2018). How to Run a Daycare: 10 Tips for Long-term Success | ProCare Blog. Retrieved from https://www.procaresoftware.com/blog/how-to-run-a-daycare-10-tips-for-longterm-success/

Reim, W., Parida, V., &Sjödin, D. R. (2016). Risk management for product-service system operation. International Journal of Operations & Production Management, 36(6), 665-686.

Stevenson, W. J., Hojati, M., & Cao, J. (2007). Operations management (Vol. 8). Boston: McGraw-Hill/Irwin.

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