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Begin by reviewing the text concerning ethical culture and communication. Next, imagine that you are the leader of an organization in the field of which you are intending to make your career and the ethical culture of this organization is unhealthy. You are concerned and want to steer the culture in the right direction. Pretend that you and several committees have already investigated the nature of the unhealthy ethical culture. Through a memo of at least 600 words, citing at least one IWG reference (your text is fine), address the members of your organization. The audience can be all members of the organization or a certain section.

Be sure that each of the following elements are included in your 600 words:
1. A description of the organization.
2. A detailed description as to what is unhealthy about the current ethical culture of the organization.
3. A clear description of the goal or goals to be attained.
4. An example of another organizational culture that has a healthy ethical culture. Use one of the many examples in the text or find your own citing an outside resource in IWG formatting.
5. A discussion of how ethical culture will continue to be evaluated, so that future problems can be quickly identified and culture continuously improved.

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