Essay on Police Brutality | Websites for Essays | Homework Solutions

Essay on Police Brutality | Websites for Essays | Homework Solutions

Police brutality refers to the use of physical and excessive force. However, in other cases, it can be through psychological frightening or rebuke attack by the police. In most countries, there is an existence of brutality despite the fact that they are trying to condemn it. It is, therefore, a common and well-known way of misconduct which includes police abuse, corruption, intimidation, and false arrest. So the fact is, police brutality do exist. This is why even today, students are being taught about police brutality and how they can affect the country’s welfare.  Writing an essay on police brutality is common task students often do. Such a task can be very complex especially if lack sufficient writing skills. However, My Homework Writers give you the best homework solutions for your assignment. Simply visit our websites for essays to get help.

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Essay on Police Brutality | Websites for Essays | Homework Solutions
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Ideas on Writing an Essay on Police Brutality

In the past, the main objective of police officers was to restore peace in a place where there was chaos. However, today everything about police is completely different. Instead of restoring peace, they have become brutal and even cause more chaos among the civilians. Although others still do their jobs well, some have completely forgotten their major duties of peacekeeping. They now focus on taking advantage and misusing their power unnecessarily.

Police brutality is an act of using excessive and unnecessary force on the citizens. With this, writing an essay on police brutality needs proper preparation. It also requires a lot of ideas to be able to explain the police brutality to a certain extent. With this, you can make the reader understand fully all the ideas.

Essay on Police Brutality Writing Tips

In the essay writing world, there are a number of topics that in the end have become cliché. It includes topics such as gun control, abortion, as well as police brutality. Many authors have written about these topics such that there is nothing else to copy. However, there are various subtopics which are available and can make reading more interesting. Therefore, one good trick to make the cliché subjects look new and fresh is digging a unique and different angle. So when it comes to an essay on police brutality, there are several tips to make writing original and successful. These tips include the following:

Find a Local and Unique Piece of Writing

If you can find a local and a unique piece concerning police brutality, then there is no doubt that you can draft a fresh essay. So when writing a local essay, you need to know all the locations and the people involved as well. However, if you do not have information about the location, you can find someone who knows better. For example, the local news and media can have a lot of information and the sources you can use.

Remain Current

There are several examples of police brutality that way back to the previous years. However, these examples may not give a fresh and new insight into the topic. Keep in mind that the only time you can review the past examples is when tracing the police brutality history.

Write an Original Thesis Statement

Arguing against eradicating police brutality is very difficult hence you should avoid using it as the thesis statement. Instead, try to come up with your own argumentative thesis statement. Arguing that police who practice brutality on the civilians don’t have to be fired can be so fun and interesting. It can also be fun to argue that the police officers practicing brutality need to enroll in the compulsory counseling. However, if you can take the thesis statement to an extreme level, you can definitely have fun while writing it. Your readers are going to enjoy reading it as well.

Avoid Repetition

In case no one is in agreement with police brutality idea, try to avoid repeating your arguments. Repetition makes the essay look like preaching. So try to base your sources on actual facts and stick to the thesis statement.

Find a professional writer

Not everyone has the skills to write a good essay. Some of the students have a rough time drafting a good quality essay. Therefore, finding a professional writer is a good idea to help you complete your essay on police brutality. But make sure that you only hire a reliable professional who can draft an essay from a scratch. One feature you should consider the experience as well as the ability to speak pure English. You should also be able to directly communicate with the writers while your work is in progress. Websites for essays is the best and ideal place to find homework solutions by My Homework Writers.

Outlining an Essay on Police Brutality

When creating an outline of the essay on brutality, you should consider the following;essay on police brutality

Conducting Thorough Research

When writing an essay on police brutality, your main objective is to tell the reader what it is all about. Therefore, you need to give factual statements according to your research. Furthermore, the information you give should be very accurate. So you need to avoid getting information from unreliable websites. The best and reliable place where you can get accurate information is the websites for essays by My Homework Writers. Another reliable place where to can get information is the library. Look for the relevant sources regarding the essay on police brutality.

Taking Notes

When doing your research on the topic, consider writing down some of the important points. This gives you a clear and good presentation of ideas as well as the interesting points you find. Also, ensure that you take note of the sources you acquire. Include the title of the book, the name of the author, and the page number.

Brainstorming Ideas

Brainstorm each and every idea you have on the topic after gathering information from the relevant sources. This enables you to divide ideas in a matching way in order to have good comprehension and smooth flow of ideas.

Writing the Introduction and the Thesis Statement

When writing the introduction, ensure that it has a hook to make it more interesting. The purpose of the thesis statement is to give your essay on police brutality a good direction which it follows. It should be in at least one or two sentences.

Writing the Body

This is the part between the introductory paragraph and the conclusion. Here, you need to design your essay in a manner that one paragraph contains one key point. The points you include in the body usually determines the length of your essay. On the other hand, you should choose the points that only aim at presenting an explanation of the thesis statement.

Provide Supporting Information

Each paragraph in the body should contain information which supports the key idea of the essay on police brutality. This information also ensures that the reader gets a good understanding of all the main point and its relevant explanation. With this, you can be certain that the readers can eventually have a good understanding of your thesis statement.

The Conclusion

This part restates the thesis statement as in the introduction part of the essay. It should also sum up all the ideas and pints of the essay. Lastly, provide an overview of what the entire essay is all about. Make sure that your conclusion is perfect because it is the final part that the reader goes through.

essay on police brutality

How to Write an Essay on Police Brutality

All essays and academic paper follow a specific format and a logical layout. This aims at covering the topic in a way which is precise and detailed. Therefore, there is no exception when writing an essay on police brutality since it should adopt a particular format. So the following is a step by step guide on how to write an essay on police brutality;


The main aim of writing the introduction in an essay attracts the attention of the readers. The introduction gives them a clear image of what the essay is all about and encourages them to read more. In order to achieve this, there are a number of methods you can apply. For example, the use of rhetorical questions, anecdote, and some facts which can possibly grab the reader’s attention. On the other hand, the introduction part should have a thesis statement. This is a sentence which gives a snapshot of the entire essay. Therefore, consider mentioning the relevancy of the essay topic and the sources of information.

The Sample of an Introduction

The main purpose of police officers is to protect the citizens. They make sure that each and every citizen is safe by upholding law and order in the entire country. However, in recent years, there have been a lot of questions among the citizens. Such questions concern the use of excessive force and ways of misconduct by the police.  Some of them still focus on maintaining law and order. However, the major problem is the increase in police brutality rates in our country today.

The Main Body

The body part of the essay is usually categorized into three major sections. However, it depends on the length of the issue you intend to address. The body should present a vivid description of the topic in details. It should, therefore, contain some evidence and the thesis statement to support it. On the other hand, each paragraph of the body should begin with a topic describing the paragraph.

The First Body Paragraph

The first body paragraph describes the essay on police brutality as a topic. It also explains what can seem like an excessive force against brutality. So when illustrating about police brutality, give a precise definition to form a part of the paragraph.

First Body Paragraph Sample

Police brutality usually refers to a situation whereby there is excessive use of physical force, especially during an arrest. Some other police brutality forms include surveillance abuse, repression, racial profile, and false arrest. Excessive forces occur when police exceed his/her limits when handling a serious and violent case. It is very common especially in a military service operation or when arresting criminals.

The Second Body Paragraph

In the second body paragraph, you should focus on describing the major cause leading to police brutality. Therefore, this is the part where you can present the findings of your study while describing the topic. Consider the following sample;

Second Body Paragraph Sample

Most of the reform policies have fewer effects on the police officers who are supposed to implement them. The factor such as the internal drill can be highlighted by the use of statistics. For instance, averages of 50 percent of police officers are to undergo various forms of disciplinary actions. This is because of the high rate of police brutality in various countries across the world. Also, reports of murders cases where unarmed and innocent teenagers have been killed.

The Third Body Paragraph

In the third body paragraph of the essay on police brutality, you need to give actual facts. For example, state police brutality cases in various countries with the same concerns.

The Conclusion

The last part of the essay is the conclusion which sums up all the main points. Here, you should focus on restating the thesis statement in order to show the readers the importance of the topic. As you conclude the essay on police brutality, give a reason why police brutality is a major public problem. State the reasons why it affects the innocent civilians. For example, there is a need to apply corrective measures as soon as possible. This helps show a good image of the police officers.

The Final Revision Tips

Once you complete writing the first section of the essay, give yourself some time to relax before reading it again. Make sure that you arrange your arguments in a logical way with some supporting evidence. Similarly, arrange the paragraphs in a sequence which the readers are able to understand all the key points without confusion.

As you review your essay, you should carefully look out for any grammar and spelling mistakes. Consider reviewing the structure of every sentence in order to make sure that it makes senses especially to the readers. Therefore, look out for the missing phrases, words, incomplete sentences, and make the necessary adjustments before you submit it. In addition, confirm that you structure your essay well depending on the guidelines and essay requirements. So after writing the conclusive paragraph, include a list of the literature for the purpose of referencing. When presenting the quotation facts, cite all the sources of literature. Arrange all the references in an alphabetical form according to the writing style you choose to apply in the essay.

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essay on police brutality

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Insufficient time

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Just in case

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websites for essays

In conclusion, essay on police brutality is a common and popular assignment in most of the schools today. With an increase in the incidents about the brutal actions by the police against the civilians, it makes this essay the common theme. This is why students are struggling to learn how to write police brutality essay. However, with websites for essays by My Homework Writers, you can always find the homework solutions you need. Don’t hesitate to approach us today!

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