Essay on Environment Conservation | Cheap Essay Writing Help

Essay on Environment Conservation | Cheap Essay Writing Help

The key to every life’s existence on earth is the environment. Without the environment, life wouldn’t even exist on earth. Due to this, conserving the environment is very important. This does not only mean protecting ourselves and animals.

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Essay on Environment Conservation | Cheap Essay Writing Help
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The fact is that environmental conservation is important for our own survival and existence. This is why even in all schools; conservation of the environment is the basic discipline every student ought to learn.

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Importance of Environment Conservation

The main reason why there is an existence of every living thing is due to the environment surrounding us. But at times, people tend to forget our day-to-day dependency on nature and the environment. We thus end up spending carelessly the resources from the environment thinking that they are unlimited. Despite this, there are various ways an environment is of great importance especially to living things. It includes the following;

Better and Healthy Breath

Each and every living thing breathes in the air in order to survive. Usually, air consists of carbon dioxide, oxygen, nitrogen, as well as other gases. However, oxygen is the most important gas for the body of every living thing. This is because, with the aid of mitochondria, oxygen helps in generating energy from the food we consume. Therefore, fresh air is an essential component in the significance of the environment which is free from pollution.

Healthy Living Purposes

In order to lead a healthy life, we all require fresh air which is free from any kind of pollution. For instance, a clean and pure supply of water and neat surroundings. When there is the pollution of both water and air and untidy surroundings, we are all prone to dangerous health issues. We, therefore, have to safeguard our surroundings, especially from pollution and waste disposal.

Clean and Healthy Water

Approximately 70 to 80 percent of the overall body mass comprises water. It is the media for every process involving physiology and reaction. Whenever water is contaminated with dirt or bacterial diseases, then drinking such water is risking your health.

Fertile soil

Another component of our surrounding environment is soil. It is useful for growing plants that in return are the sources of animal food. The top layer of soil is the best in terms of the germination of seeds and growing plants.

It is a good natural resource for various products such as chemicals, medicine, and wood. Due to this, there is a need for soil conservation for a better living environment.

Rainfall Attraction

One of the steps of recycling water in the universe is through rainfall. Without frequent rainfall, we won’t have fresh water on the planet. Perhaps, the only water that would be available in the salty water from the sea which is not fit to consume.

Rainfall depends majorly on the green trees and vegetation in order to rain. On the other hand, the clouds should be cooled so as to form rain droplets. Therefore, the tree, plants, and green vegetation present in the environment are very important for freshwater, air, and rainfall.


Another key to the significance of the environment is the trees and plantations. Plantation can include bushes, shrubs, trees, as well as small grass. Such plants help in the purification of air while generating oxygen and consume carbon dioxide. They thus keep the level of oxygen in the air at the optimum. In the end, reduces the components of global warming in the air.

How to Conserve the Environment

We live on one planet hence we have to try our best to make sure that it is safe. For example, we can protect it by fusing the current mode of living and a high understanding and respect of what the environment provides.

The manner in which we live usually reflects our feeling towards the surrounding. Similarly, our day-to-day behaviors reflect how much we actually value everything that our planet gives us. Therefore, the following are some of the ways in which we can conserve our environment;

  • Water conservation: For example, consider cleaning the dishes and clothes just when there is a full load so as to save. You can save water by having short showers, turning off the taps when not in use. Also, make use of the natural water by simply collecting and storing the rainwater.
  • Quit smoking: By quitting smoking habits, you not only reduce air pollution but also improve your overall health.
  • Learning to recycle: There is a variety of crafty methods to recycle things that have been used already. Therefore, you can conduct research on how to revive a new life to all the used items. This can prevent you from throwing them away hence the conservation of the environment.
  • Change your environment cleaning methods. You can use items such as natural products which are not made from harsh chemicals. Generally, it is the best in terms of health, air pollution-free, and less harmful to personal things.
  • If possible, avoid the frequent use of plastic bags and water bottles. If you use something which is not recyclable, then make sure that you dispose of it appropriately.

How to Write an Essay on Environment Conservation


Essay on Environment Conservation

Writing an essay on environment conservation is one common and important task for students. So in order to come up with a good essay on the environment, there are various things you need to consider. The following guidelines can be very helpful to any student writing an essay on environment conservation;

Choose a Topic

Before writing the essay on environment conservation, find a topic that is capable of speaking for you. It should also be able to grab your own attention. On the other hand, the topic should be genuinely interesting to you and give you an urge to learn more. It is much easier to take a lot of time handling something which interests you. To find more ideas regarding essay on environment conservation, seek cheap essay writing help. And in case something is not clear about the topic, do not hesitate to seek clarification from your tutor.

Do a Thorough Research

Conducting proper research on the essay topic is very vital. It is only through research that you get to gather enough details and helpful ideas to include in the essay. If you are doing research using internet sources, ensure that you access only the quality and legit information. With cheap essay writing help, there is no doubt that you can get all the relevant information you need. Similarly, you can go to the library since it is the only place to find a variety of books. If need be, find experts in that particular field to help you gather more information.

Follow all the Instructions

Once you have a topic and enough information, read the prompt carefully since it contains the instructions of the assignment. Therefore, your topic should correspond to the requirements of the assignment. While writing an essay on environment conservation, always check the instruction to ensure that you are on the right track. Also when you finish writing your essay, check it once more to ensure you did not drift away.

Come up with a Solid Structure

An outline is important for every essay. Similarly to this case, you first need to create an outline where you organize all the key ideas. Do not forget to include a thesis statement in the outline. A good and logical structure makes it easier to come up with great ideas. In the end, it brings about complete paragraphs which contain appropriate transitions.


Once you write a good entire essay on environment conservation, put your work aside and don’t touch it till the next day. Such a break enables you to edit your work well hence you need a fresh mind to proofread. Also, pay more attention to typing errors, grammar, and the flow of the essay. In order to get enough time for the purpose of editing, always start your work early enough.


While writing your essay, always confirm if you are using the right format according to the instructions of the assignment. For example, the line spacing, title page, font size, length, margins, and page numbers. Formatting poorly your work means that the form is not just wrong, but also it is of low-quality content.

Writing an Essay on Environment Conservation

Are you handling an assignment involving writing an essay on environment conservation? Today, an effort that involves almost everyone is working towards creating a better living universe. As a matter of fact, environmental conservation experts have forced to take some actions. This is after the evidence of environmental problems and the effects of global warming. Therefore, the following are some of the helpful recommendations to enable you to write an excellent essay on environment conservation.

Use the Latest Evidence and Try to Compare

An essay on environment conservation should have the latest evidence in order to support your facts. Moreover, you need to base your major premise on information that is relevant and easy to find. Due to this, you have to mention the sources of information and invite the readers to check out your information.

After that, go ahead and compare your recent information with the past measurements. For example, in order to prove the fact about global warming, mention how the sun is gradually becoming hotter over the past few decades.

Give a List of Graphics and Figures Which are Up-to-Date

In short, both the graphics and figures are very significant when it comes to writing an essay on the environment. People usually prefer viewing pictures that show relevant information. This is because they easily grab the attention of an individual and explains the actual facts in a concise manner. Furthermore, they give the essay a better and attractive look by including some of these components. On the other hand, you can use the sources to look for relevant figures which show environmental impacts.

State the Consequences in case of Inaction

If people fail to take immediate action to create a better universe, then what could possibly happen? It is obvious that negative impacts are likely to be experienced. Therefore, go ahead and uncover any possible consequences as a result of inaction. For example, the time it takes for the negative results to take place.

What to Expect After a Few Decades

Is there any chance that people can change their perspective regarding the degrading environment? Write one or two paragraphs to present your opinions to your readers. Such ideas need to appear at the end of the essay as a conclusion.

The Sample of an Essay on Environmental Conservation


The environment involves the natural universe surrounding us. It is thus essential to keep it as clean as possible so as to maintain a peaceful and healthy life. However, pollution towards the environment is gradually becoming the greatest threat to our planet. There is no doubt that it can negatively affect us in the near future. This means that we are likely to suffer from our current mistakes.

Body Paragraph 1

Human beings are considered the cleverest creatures on the planet. They are able to learn and understand various things on the planet which results in the advancement in technology. But the truth is, there are a number of benefits in the development of technology. At the same time, it can destroy the environment. We create technologies in order to make life better.

However, we fail to think of how it can destroy our surroundings in the future. Environmental issues such as pollution are a result of human activities. It is thus essential to prevent all kinds of pollution to make the universe a safer place to live in.

Body Paragraph 2

Today, water pollution is a crucial problem. Garbage is usually deposited into the water directly. Furthermore, plant, mills, and factories release industrial wastes which have not been treated into the water.  Water pollution is also a result of pesticides and fertilizers used for agricultural purposes. Therefore, such contamination results in the death of the whole living ecosystem.

Fortunately, there are various approaches to the utilization of garbage. However, not all countries can afford current technological strategies. Another issue affecting our environment is air pollution. The air we breathe could be harmful due to the contamination from the drastic release of harsh gases to the environment. For example, fuel burning, carbon monoxide, nitrogen, chemical vapors, and sulfur are air pollutants. Such gases after a few decades can result in global warming.

Body Paragraph 3

The environment surrounding us plays a vital role in enhancing our existence on earth. All the things we need in order to survive come from the surrounding environment. No one can live without water, air, sunlight, land, and other different natural things.

The pollution in the environment is slowly affecting our physical, social, emotional, intellectual, and economic life. It is now one major issue in the world that is not easy to solve with a single effort. Therefore, we need to try harder in order to prevent the environment from pollution.

The Conclusion

Today’s remarkable technological growth progress brings about a negative effect on the surrounding environment. Plants and factories’ activities, as well as their extraction of wastes to the environment, are serious issues.

It calls for immediate action for the protection and rehabilitation of the environment. The impact of various human activities must never be ignored. Therefore, we should try to contribute each day for the purpose of preserving and protecting the environment.

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In conclusion, the environment is the reason why we exist on earth. Every living thing including trees, animals, and human beings among others depends majorly on it. Without it, nothing can possibly survive. Due to this, it is of great importance to protecting it, hence an essay on environment conservation.

This is a common task which every student should write. We understand the fact that not all students can get enough time to handle assignments. This is why My Homework Writers offer cheap essay writing help to students. Contact us today for more assistance!

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