Essay About Military Service

Essay About Military Service

Most people may not know this, but military service plays a critical role in society. What with all the brave men and women who dedicate their entire lives to serve the government and country. It’s no wonder your professor requires that you know how to write an essay about military service. There’s no escaping this. These people put their lives on the line to ensure that you are at peace and safe. And for that, military service deserves every respect and appreciation they receive.

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Essay About Military Service
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Military people are crucial not only to the government but to the country’s citizens as well. That’s why you find that many schools have started teaching each student how to write an essay about military service.

Here’s where heads begin to roll. Inasmuch as many students know how to write essays, crafting an impactful, relevant military service paper demands a little more attention.

Here’s what you should know:

Essay About Military Service

How to Write an Essay About Military Service

Writing a military service essay is not only interesting, but it’s also less complex, especially if you know what to write about. For most students, writing an essay about military service isn’t uncommon. Therefore, it’s vital that you present a concrete discussion when writing your paper. It must touch on various subjects of interest. As a result, it’s always best to cover military service achievements, personal characteristics, passion, and the achievements of people in service.

Before you delve into all the nitty-gritty of what roles military service plays in the community, it’s vital that you learn how to write such a paper first. Here are some of the vital points to bring to your attention:

Gather Adequate Information

As with any other custom writing service, it’s always crucial that you do sufficient in-depth research on the topic. In this case, you’ll be writing an essay about military service. It’s always vital that you find and use only relevant resources from reliable websites about the military.

Ensure you go through all information you collect thoroughly to ensure that you have adequate information. You can also always search for information from articles that relate to military service. Ensure that you also get a rough idea of how to write this kind of topic so that you know which ideas to source for your paper. Remember, what you write in your paper must be interesting and informative at the same time. So, your reader always knows the information you’re trying to pass.

Define & Understand the Essay Questions

Before you start writing anything, it’s important that you know to read and understand what the paper requires from you. What questions does your professor want you to address? This way, you will have the crucial bits of information that will help you to write an effective paper.

Defining and understanding what questions to answer helps you to save a lot of energy and time. It also helps you to stay on topic while writing the entire paper.

Write an Introduction

After you have read and understood the questions in the paper, you should be better placed to start writing. Read the prompt with a purpose, while highlighting all the crucial points that you intend to use in your paper. Note down all the relevant dates in which important military events took place. Doing this makes it much easier to craft a strong introductory paragraph.

Briefly state the aspect of what you plan to write about in your paper. In most instances, it’s always best to provide some background information about military service. Try to explain to your reader what military service is and the impact it has on the country. Remember, however, that this section shouldn’t be too long, either.

Write the Body

After crafting the introduction part of your essay about military service, it’s time you follow it up with strong paragraphs. In this section, your professor will require you to introduce new ideas in different paragraphs. Ensure also that you explain each point in detail before you move to the next.

It’s vital that you organize all your points well even as you structure the body section of your paper. Make it easier for the reader to read and understand your essay easily by writing a paper that flows smoothly. By that, your first body paragraph should be a transition of your introductory paragraph. It should also transit into the second body paragraph smoothly. The key here is to make your content as simple and easy to understand to the reader as possible.

Write the Conclusion

This section involves summarizing all your key points and ideas to reflect upon the reader their relevance in your essay. For instance, you can also express your own decisions and thoughts based on military service. Ensure, however, that everything you write in this section relates to your findings.

Essay About Military Service

It’s important to note that you cannot and shouldn’t introduce any new ideas or points in this section. The reader should easily tell that your essay about military service has come to an end.

Factors That Make an Effective Essay About Military Service

As with any other essay that your professor expects you to write, there are certain selling points that, if used appropriately, can help you Ace your paper. The same is also true for a military essay.

Unfortunately, not many students always have the writing skills or interest to write military papers. Thus, most opt to hire online essay writing services. serves as the best custom paper writing service with thousands of positive reviews from satisfied customers. Visit My Homework Writers today for more information on how to write the best essay about military service.


The role of military service always is to ensure that peace and safety reigns in the nation. Certain countries value their peace and safety more than others and basically build an army around their nations against outside threats.

Each military officer, regardless of status, rank, or merits, has the sole responsibility of serving his/her country’s citizens. And to serve your country diligently, you must know a little about your nation’s past. The present and future situations are also just as critical to help you strategize and prepare or any impending attacks on your nation. With this, nations can protect themselves from making similar mistakes that led them to war in the past. Often, it’s the innocent victims who pay the prices for such mistakes.

Provides Maximum Protection

Whenever you’re writing an essay about military service, the term protection and service comes up several times. And with good reason, since military personnel is mandated to protect and serve their country. Here’s where the military rules and services come into force. As aforementioned, every military member’s role always is to protect and secure the integrity of their nations under any circumstance.

However, there are also situations where militaries can be used to conquer new territories and even countries. It’s, therefore, important that you acquaint yourself with a lot of information before you can call yourself a military man. It’s vital that you continuously train and test yourself always to test your limits and improve your skills as well.

Unlike in the older days, you must join a military school or academy to qualify as a military man and acquire the necessary skills to protect your nation. And the easiest way to land yourself a position in the military school is to know how to craft an essay about military service. Practice and consistency are the most effective ways to improve your essay writing skills on this topic. After all, practice makes perfect, right?

Why Mandatory Military Service is a Bad Idea

People have different opinions, both socially and in real life, regarding mandatory service, and with good reasons. Most parents, for instance, believe that the best solution to dealing with their kid’s widespread lack of discipline is to send them to military school. But whether this is an effective solution to dealing with an indiscipline child or not, forcing them to join the military is both unnecessary and may even be toxic.

One thing that most nations don’t realize is that the USA military service thrives so much because its members are volunteers. No one is forced into military service. Rather, everyone who joins actually always wants to be there. As a result, you have a dedicated, and 100% committed military whose job is to protect and serve your country. That’s why you will still find a United States military personnel serving with honor even after their contract expires.

Unfortunately, this isn’t always true for most military countries. This can be detrimental to a nation’s future. Here’s why:

The Cost

Most people don’t always know this, but the cost of training military personnel is always quite high. As if it wasn’t bad enough that mandatory military service forces young people into service, you must also invest millions into training them.

This seems like a total waste, especially if you’re already injecting tons of funds into training someone who doesn’t even want to be there. Most people usually end up leaving the service as soon as they possibly can. Investing such large sums of money isn’t worth it if most investments don’t pan out in the first place.

Essay About Military Service

It’s those people who actually complete their training and service honorably who justify these losses. But still, even that doesn’t always make it even.

It’s Basically Indentured Servitude

If most of the people who serve in the military today feel that they are overworked and underpaid, imagine what someone forced into the service feels. As if it’s not enough that governments force their citizens into the service, it’s services like the military service that feel the pinch when the same governments impose cuts. As a result, most people don’t always feel that the amount of work military personnel does is justified by the pay.

It’s Dangerous

Don’t be fooled into thinking military service is safe. Here’s where the problem of forcing citizens into a service they didn’t want to do in the first place hits. Such recruits hardly ever put enough effort into their jobs. Neither do they care about doing their jobs well. This can prove to be really fatal, especially since such people don’t always care much about holding security or even staying on guard to patrol. This puts everyone, especially the country’s citizens, in imminent danger.

You Will Have a Lot More Nut Heads

There are already tons of people already in the military who have absolutely no business being in the service. But they somehow always manage to slip through the cracks and manage to avoid being discharged. And forcing people to join the service against their will is one sure way of adding to this number of nut heads. These people give military service a bad reputation.

An All-Volunteer Force is More Effective

As mentioned earlier, a military is only always as strong as its members. A country can, therefore, claim to have a strong military if its people choose to be there. The military members want to serve their country. These are the men and women who actually make a difference when the real war comes. Furthermore, it’s always a good feeling knowing that you are saving lives in a way that not everyone can. It’s every strong military’s pride to see its members fight for, and lay their lives for their countries. It’s a calling that no everyone is cut out for.

The Pros and Cons of Mandatory Military Service

Mandatory basically means doing something against someone’s will. This should form a critical aspect of your essay about military service. In some situations, not all, mandatory military service may actually be good. Here’s why:

The Pros

Promotes National Unity

First, it allows its citizens to learn and train together, thereby creating a shared experience of having been in the military. There is also that general understanding of what army life is like and what’s required of the job.

Maintain Active Military Force

It also means having a large active reserve of combat-trained personnel who can respond quickly and effectively when called into service. This helps to combat any threats to the country’s national security swiftly.

High Government Participation Levels

The public becomes more aware and watchful of every step the government takes, especially with regards to national security. With their lives at stake, people will always hold their government accountable for everything military-related.

Can Provide Useful Skills

Military life also teaches people many useful skills that you wouldn’t learn anywhere else. Their training goes beyond throwing salutes or shooting straight. You also get to learn important technical skills that get the job done. This is an important factor to ensure you include in your essay about military service.

Promotes Equality Among Citizens

This means that no one is exempted from facing wars. Therefore, all citizens, celebrities, businessmen, and ordinary people alike, are required to serve their nation in times of war when the country needs extra soldiers.

The Cons

Violates Free Will

As mentioned quite a few times in this article, mandatory military service violates people’s rights to exercise their free will. No authority should be the final say with regards to whether you join the military or not except you.

Interfered with Other Forms of Education

It typically drafts people when the peak of their learning ability. This delays people’s pursuits for higher education and entry into the labor market. Thus, it reduces returns on human-capital investments

Puts Lives at Risk

It exposes people’s lives to risky training environments and other harsh conditions, thereby putting lives at risk. Such military services report even higher casualties that don’t even happen in actual combat or the battlefield.

Compromises the Military Service Quality

Unlike voluntary applicants, not everyone is always enthusiastic about joining the military. As such, the service has to deal with people who aren’t adequately prepared for war. Neither do they have the motivation or skill quality to make a difference in the real war. This can lead to high casualty rates among soldiers.

Writing Help for an Essay About Military Service

Not everyone is cut out to write the perfect military essay. Often, it’s best to hire an expert writer with the right skillset and experience to tackle such assignments. Fortunately, provides exactly the custom writing service to tackle your essay about military service.

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Writing an essay about military service can be as simple as writing any other type of paper. But it requires a little bit of research, which some students may not be cut out for. However, with the right resources and writing format, you should be able to write a decent military essay. Better yet, you can always hire one of’s seasoned writers to work on your paper. Go to to learn more about the military essay.

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