Essay 4 | Social Science homework help

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Essay 4 | Social Science homework help
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In contrast to thinking of poor people as deserving of being poor, use the sociological perspective to explain poverty without “blaming the victim.” In other words, what conditions in society create poverty? You should use the Newman book extensively to help you with this question.

Your response should be about 500 words.

Essay 4 Rubric

标准 等级 得分
此标准已链接至学习结果Clarity and professionalism

Paper is well-written, free of typos and grammatical errors, and well-organized; it’s clear that the student spent some time editing the paper

3.0 得分

Poorly written; many typos and mistakes; difficult to follow or understand; appears that little time was spent on crafting a professional essay

0.0 得分

3.0 分

此标准已链接至学习结果Sociological Understanding

Paper uses a sociological approach to explaining the causes of poverty. Paper pulls often from the Newman material. No ‘victim blaming’ in the paper.

27.0 得分

Paper is not sociological. Paper does not identify social structural causes of poverty. Paper contains elements of ‘victim blaming,’ or individual explanations for poverty.

15.0 得分

No paper submitted

0.0 得分

27.0 分

总得分: 30.0 ,满分 30.0



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