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Essay 2 | English homework help
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Basic Requirements:

  1. Type of writing expected – Cause and Effect and Comparison-Contrast
  2. Length requirements – 500 words
  3. Formatting requirements – MLA format
  4. Documentation format – MLA citations necessary
  5. Amount or type of research expected – Minimal outside research necessary

The focus of this second essay will be on division-classification and comparison-contrast. You have two options regarding the subject matter: choose the one you want

Option #1

Write a cause and effect essay discussing a historical event.  Be sure to focus on either the cause or the effect of the event.  Also, try to focus your paper on a specific event.  For example, instead of writing about the Second World War, you should focus on a moment in that war, such as the attack on Pearl Harbor.  Remember to be specific and detailed in your writing.  Some things you might want to think about:

    • What was the causal chain that led to the event?
    • What were the ramifications of the event?  How is the world different because of it?

Option #2

Write a comparison-contrast essay discussing the differences between two famous historical figures.  Focus on specific similarities and differences.  Feel free to use specific examples from different spheres of influences, like music, film or literature, but be sure that they are analogous.  Some things you might want to think about:

    • What are the backgrounds of the individuals?
    • Where are they from?
    • Discuss their achievements and accolades.
    • What is the public perception of these people?

After you finish the essay I need to specify the thesis statement, so i can send it apart.


Evaluation Criteria:

  • The most important thing is that you fully use you analytical skills in using the appropriate rhetorical structure. 
  • I will be looking to see how well you appeal to your audience and how well you stress the logical and emotional aspects of your association with the person/place.  Also, I will be looking for the use of opening and concluding strategies.
  • The style will be formal, and I want to see how well you can utilize the standards of American Edited English.
  • I will be looking to see how well you incorporate cause and effect and comparison into your essay.
  • I will focus on the quality of your introduction.
  • I am not looking for grammatical perfection, but the essay must be readable and free of mechanical errors that distract your reader.
  • All these criteria will be considered in light of the Gordon Rule Rubric.


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