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1. Ascorbic acid (Vitamin C, C_{6}H_{8}O_{6}) is a weak diprotic acid, with K_{a1} = 6.8×10^{-5} and K_{a2 } = 2.7×10^{-12}. What is the pH of a solution that contains 13.9 mg of vitamin C per 1.0 mL of solution?

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Environmental Chemistry Assignment | Professional Essay Writers
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2. The percentage deprotonation of a 0.113 M solution of benzoic acid (a weak, monoprotic acid) is 2.2%. What is the pH of the solution?

3. The pH of a 0.50 M solution of ethylamine CH_3CH_2NH_2 is 12.22. Calculate the K_b of ethylamine. Use “E” for scientific notation.

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4. A 0.050 M solution of pyruvic acid, an intermediate in metabolism, has a pH of 1.93. Calculate K_a for pyruvic acid, a weak monoprotic acid. Use “E” for scientific notation.

5. Calculate the pH of a 0.17 M solution of HClO, with K_a = 3.5×10^{−8}.

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6. At 25°C, 2.29E0 grams of sodium hydroxide is dissolved in enough water to make 500. mL of solution. Calculate ​[H_3O^+]. Do not enter units as part of your answer. Get Chemistry help Today

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