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Summary and Argument Analysis

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Read  “Black Men and Public Space”  ( also called “Walk on By”) by Brent Staples. The link is provided below. Your essay should be written in paragraph form, and should include both  a summary and analysis. The analysis should be at least as long as the summary.

Summary: Provide a brief summary of the article, being sure to follow the points we have discussed in class about summarizing  (i.e., focusing on the main ideas, avoiding plagiarism, using quotes appropriately, etc.). Provide page #’s for in-text references.

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 Analysis – Your analysis should cover the points below.

a. Decide on the purpose of the essay. Is it to inform or to persuade? Provide support for your answer.

b. Discuss the answer to the following: What kinds of appeals – emotional, logical, ethical – does Staples use? Give examples of the kinds of appeals and discuss their effectiveness.

Use brief quotes and in-text references in your writing. You do not need to create a works cited entry for this paper.

This assignment should be approx. 400 words long. The entire assignment should be typed in paragraph form and submitted to turnitin under Analysis.

Note: No more than 15% of a paper may consist of quoted material.

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