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Elementary studies | Education homework help
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Cite the readings and explain what elementary social studies is-it’s purpose and why we should teach it. What is most important about elementary social studies educa?


write at least 300 words

use references below

use at least 3 in text citations

do not plagiarize

double check grammar


*.    johnson, a.p. 2009. Making connections in elementary and middle school social studies CHAP 1 and 13

*    O’Brien, Are We Preparing Young People

for 21st -century Citizenship with 20th-century 

Thinking? A Case for a Virtual Laboratory of


*    Read NCSS Position Statements 

*    A Vision of Powerful Teaching and 

Learning in the Social Studies: Building Social Understanding and Civic Efficacy

*    Creating Effective Citizens 

*    Read Fitchett and Heafner, A National Perspective on the Effects of High-Stakes Testing Standardization on Elementary Social Studies Marginalization

*    View Effective Citizens video at  http://www.learner.org/libraries/socialstudies/issues/citizens/?pop=yes&pid=1798 (scroll down to the bottom of the page to select13

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