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the two charges at the DHL. 35. Refer to Figure 15.20. The charge lowered into the center of the hollow conductor has a magnitude of 5 uС. Find the magnitude and sign of the charge on the inside and outside of the hollow conductor when the charge is as shown in (a) Figure 15.20a, (b) Figure 15.20b, (c) Figure 15.20c, and (d) Figure 15.20d. I.

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Electrostatic equilibrium Assignment | Professional Writing Services
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Von de Graaff Generator IJ.U me vdll ue Graart Generator 36. The dome of a Van de Graaff generator receives al charge of 2.0 X 10-4 C. Find the strength of the elec. tric field (a) inside the dome, (b) at the surface of the dome, assuming it has a radius of 1.0 m, and (c) 4.0 m from the center of the dome. Hint: See Section 15.6 to review properties of conductors in electrostatic equilibrium. Also, use that the points on the surface are outside a spherically symmetric charge distribution; the total charge may be considered to be located at the center of the sphere. .. naade 80 X – 9


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