Effect of increasing training budget paper

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Effect of increasing training budget paper
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 Paper title; Effect Of Increasing Training Budget.

5 page paper in APA format


 The introduction section begins with a brief discussion of the area of interest and then presents the following sub-sections:

 • Background of the Problem Description of the background of the problem (brief historical perspective and explanation of why the problem remains unsolved at this time) 

• Statement of the Problem The problem is presented in statement form, e.g., “The problem is …” Conclude this section with a clear statement of the question or questions that need to be answered to solve this problem.

 • Purpose of the Study This section explains why the study is being conducted. It may be (but not be limited to) one of the following:

o To predict future situations

 o To compare and contrast (strategies, technologies) 

o To prepare for the development of specific program (marketing, process improvement, performance evaluation) 

o To conduct an analysis of (emerging economic trends, the impact of leadership style on corporate culture) 

• Significance of the Study This section provides information concerning the import of the study. For example, this study is significant because it:

 o Adds to the body of knowledge of business in general 

o Is of import to the business under study 

• Assumptions The purpose of this section is to present some of the factors the researcher is asking the reader to accept as conditions of the study. Some examples are:

 o The sample is representative of the population

 o The appropriate variables have been selected for examination the measurement tools are valid and reliable 

• Limitations These are those factors or conditions that may impact the data and are out of the researcher’s control. Examples are:

 o Information obtained from surveys may not be valid 

o Non-valid instruments  

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