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Watch the Facebook video on “The Pink Tax” in the supplementary resource folder and listen to the podcast here: https://www.npr.org/2019/08/15/751440592/the-gender-gap-series-the-problem-with-the-pink-tax. Let us know what you feel. There’s also a website: www.pink.tax for more on gender-based pricing to add to your understanding. Tie in your thoughts with what you learned about price discrimination in the past week. Is it fair? Is it smart marketing? Is this information changing the way you look at things at the store and will you shop differently now because of this? Use the discussion board to voice your informed opinion and be a part of the conversation on this important economic issue.

Remember: The Pink Tax is not a real tax issued by the government, it is an example of price discrimination based on one’s ‘gender’.Get Business and Finance homework help today

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