Drive: a film noir experience

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Drive: a film noir experience
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 The research paper is about the film Drive (2011)
Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CWX34ShfcsE

,  the research paper will talk about Drive as a film noir experience, by  referencing and providing tribute to both classical 50s film noir as  well as neo-noir films of the 70s.
. I have written some notes after watching the film.

Drive is a film noir, we can infer that from
the expressive lighting in dark area 
the hard-boiled crime story 
local and urban setting, which is Los-Angeles and its neighborhoods. 
Anxiety in the film, the driver is having a relationship with a married woman, dealing with corrupt individuals

Shannon serves as a mentor figure to the driver, similar to Barton Keyes from Double Indemnity

Irene  is the love interest of the character and serves as a femme fatale  figure but with a modern take to it, she is not as sexualized or  glamorous as femme fatales have been portrayed

Bernie  Ross is one of the threats that the protagonist faces, he is cold  blooded and a man of principle similar to Mr Brown in the film The Big  Combo

The  super market scene is a reference to the market scene in the film  Double Indemnity, where the protagonist Walter meets with Phyllis.

Drive market scene 

Double Indmnity market scene

LA river is an iconic set piece through out Hollywood film history
The scene where the driver kills Nino happens on a beach, reminiscent of the final scene in Kiss Me Deadly
Drive beach death scene

Kiss me deadly beach scene

Drive is inspired by another film called The Driver (1978), as a tribute to car chase movies 

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