Domestic violence final paper | Law homework help

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Domestic violence final paper | Law homework help
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TOPIC:  Violence Against Women Act (V.A.W.A.) –What is it and did it Positively Impact on Domestic Violence? Present a historical overview of what it is, its purpose, what it has accomplished and project its role in the future.

Write a 10 page research paper on the topic, include a cover sheet, abstract page, a body that includes at least seven (7) pages of content and a reference (work cited) page.

Your paper must begin by answering the question asked. You must take a position, which will become the basis of your paper and research. Your position must be clearly stated and included in your abstract.

Your paper will explain and provide supporting information

on why you answered the question that way. It will also

include the elements noted in the description under each 

topic area. Substantiation is important. This is a position paper not just a traditional topic based research paper!

Once that is met, you may include any other related information that you think is important to support the position you took. NOTE: Some 

related topics are presented under the topic description and must be included in your paper.

APA Format with in text citations and references that match! Minimum, seven different sources and authors.



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