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An example could be using ANOVA to compare the mean contaminant levels found in a manufactured food products produced in different plants. For example, a certain amount of bug parts are allowed to be in peanut butter, rodent droppings in oats and milk is allowed by the FDA to have less than or equal to some specific amount of bacteria.


Let’s say that the manufacturer wanted to compare the mean levels of contaminants among its different food processing plants for quality assurance. It could use ANOVA to testing for this.


For example, in a paper I found they compared the APC (aerobic plate counts) of contaminants found in various preparations of meat using ANOVA.

Per the paper: “Using single factor analysis of variance (ANOVA) significant differences were revealed between food types, as well as large fluctuations in aerobic plate counts (APC) were demonstrated. The results of the research suggest that development and usage of guidelines of good manufacturing practice for purposeful monitoring of microbiological contamination risk of meat preparations and meat products is relevant to ensure high level of protection of consumers’ health”( Melngaile, A., Ciekure, E. and Valcina O., 2017).

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