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When I worked as a manager for a national steakhouse brand, the executives decided to push forward an initiative that focused on being good at cooking the main entreé in our name: steak. So, company-wide, they decided to have a Steaks Cooked Correctly component added to our metrics, which is how we as managers got bonuses. To get our cooks to buy into it, we threw a competition between the guys that were responsible for running either of our grills: the char grill and the flattop. The flattop grill was used to cook more of the steaks, as well as the fish, salmon, chicken, hamburgers, and sandwiches. Our lunch business was remarkably slower than our dinner business, so we had fewer employees on the line. We also had the same person that opened for lunch Monday through Friday, and Sunday lunch was the busiest of the week. We rotated out cooks to work the flattop and char grills, but it was typically the same person that worked Friday through Sunday nights, which were our most profitable days of the week.

At the time the initiative began, I was the kitchen manager. I already knew that once we began keeping score of how many steaks each cook made correctly each day, there would be a concern among the cooks about the equality of the steaks. During lunch Monday through Friday, the primary cook that ran and worked the flattop grill actually ended up working both grills, so the number of steaks that he was responsible for preparing correctly went up. This appeased the weekend, dinner cooks, who made the most items by far. Then I created a chart in which to track their progress by shift, which was calculated by the number of total steaks prepared by that cook on their shift, and subtract the number of OD’s (overdone) or re-fires (a steak that is not cooked enough and needs to be uncooked). For two weeks, I calculated the average number of steaks prepared per shift, and then I divided the cooks up into two groups, lunch and dinner. The ANOVA in that situation is the mean number of steaks that are cooked correctly daily, split between lunch and dinner. At the end of the period, which was three months, the two cooks from dinner and two cooks from lunch were awarded a prize. But the ultimate prize went to the cook who, overall, had the best score. There were some disagreements about the validity of the winner, because one person undeniably sells more steaks than the other, but that means that any mistakes made on that shift would be weighted more heavily. I don’t remember who won, but I do remember it was a nail biter until the end.

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