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Discussion question wk4 | Education homework help
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Week 4 Discussion

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Personal Characteristics

It is one thing to ask the question: “Describe a time you helped others?” It is another to ask: “How were you constructive in your role?” The constructive role is another way of describing the characteristic of leadership. As you read the course text, you will review various stories of humanitarian leaders who made significant impacts on the lives of individuals and communities. Reflect on the characteristics they possess that have made them effective in their roles. As you do so, consider other characteristics that are critical for someone to be an effective humanitarian professional.

To prepare for this Discussion:

  • Review Chapters 3 and 5 in the course text. Consider the characteristics of the leaders showcased in the readings and what makes them successful.
  • Select one of the humanitarian leaders in your course text or from other media or scholarly sources, and consider the characteristics they possess that make them successful in their role.

Post by Day 3 a description of a time when you were asked to help someone else and you responded constructively to help solve the problem. Explain the result. Explain why leadership is an important characteristic for a humanitarian professional. Provide an example of a successful humanitarian professional to support your response. Finally, describe two additional characteristics you consider vital to the role of a humanitarian professional, and explain why they are vital.

The humanitarian leader I chose is Kathy Magee a nurse.

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