10 Ideal Discussion Post Examples

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Online discussion forums can be used for several different purposes. These may include helping students to review academic materials before an assignment or exam. This can also help you, the student, in analyzing discussing course materials before attending class so as to get the gist of what the class is about.

Reflecting on academic materials posted by your instructor has been known to be an effective learning tool. Thus, the reason to incorporate discussion post examples and prompts in your forums. Ideally, if you want your forum members to familiarize themselves with your discussion post, this is how to do it.

If you have well-structured online discussions with your peers and instructor, then you have a higher chance of excelling in your academic studies. Encouraging students to use discussion post examples can help bolster their learning outside of class.

However, studies often find that students’ entries don’t always reflect strong engagement in online discussions. So, what exactly went wrong? And what steps can be taken to make discussion posts a more effective learning tool? Let’s find out!

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Ideal Discussion Post Examples and Prompts

As you prepare your responses and prompts for your discussion board forums, it’s important that you know and understand what the topic is about. Remember always to shape your questions and responses with this goal in mind. Avoid asking questions that prompt yes or no answers. At the same time, you also want to post clear and to-the-point responses to other members’ queries.

Discussion Post Examples

Example 1 Response

I agree with Mike. We did a lot of reading on the subject, and one thing that really stood out was the talk from the main character and his counsel to teenagers and mothers. While I acknowledge that being a mother of a teenager isn’t always easy, that particular excerpt had a lot more significance than the story portrayed. I feel very blessed to have wonderful parents, and this story only helps to portray what it means to have a teenage child.

I also like how you explained the whole concept of parenthood. From the parent’s perspective, it doesn’t look easy at all. It’s a lifetime responsibility and a stage that all of us seemingly must pass through at one point in life. It’s also a phase that we must learn to emulate, if not better, what being with our parents has taught us. Personally, my take on this is that parenthood is a critical stage in life. We learn many things from our parents and must look forward to emulating them at one point in life, if not better them.


Example 2 Response

Reading about Erick’s experience with his daughter, I was fascinated by how he expressed excitement for someday reminding his daughter of some experiences he had with friends as he grew up. This really got me thinking as several of my friends fell on the same boat. I know now that there’s a lot more to friendship than meets the eye. And trust me, from what the book has taught me, I will be even more careful choosing who my friends are.

On a more critical note, I personally believe that Erick did an excellent job raising his daughter alone. What life has taught us is that it’s not always easy for a single parent, especially the father, to bring up a child, especially a girl. All my admiration, therefore, goes to Erick and his persistence to ensure the best environment for his daughter to grow and still enjoy her childhood fully. Kudos to Erick. If all parents could emulate this, the world would be a much better place.


Example 3 Response

Personally, I think that the main character did okay on the murder scene. It’s true; some people may feel that John wasn’t as convincing or didn’t have the murderous gene in him. However, when you look at it from a more critical standpoint, you see that everyone in the room had a motive to kill the victim. And John, it seems, was the least likely suspect, but that alone wasn’t enough to rule him out.

I may not be much of an expert on investigative matters, but the much that I know is that it takes motive, means, and opportunity to commit a murder. And while John seemingly had the motive and means to kill the victim, he couldn’t possibly be anywhere near the murder scene during the incident. And he had witnesses to back up his story. I think the story focuses more on John to try and throw off the reader from the real killer.


Example 4 Response

Often, I feel rushed and wonder if all the things I learn from reading the president’s inspirational quotes on the topic make a difference. It’s important that we all take into account the actual life teachings that we can learn from these inspiring life quotes. Having read all about the president’s role, especially with regard to women, I have even more respect for him now more than ever. I have heard former presidents claim to deliver the same issues but never come through. However, it’s my belief that this time it will be different.

My take from this is that the country, the president, in particular, should step up his game on protecting women’s rights. This has, for a long time, been a hot debate. However, there is yet to be something concrete that comes out of this. And while all the legislations put into place to help protect girls and women in the society look good on paper, many people wait for that day that the president and government act on them.

Example 5 Response

From what I’ve learned on the subject matter, conflict is driven more by human nature and the desire to want more than you need. Conflict occurs between people who have different interests or functions. The two conflicting parties are, therefore, incompatible with one another and completely interdependent. Interdependence is critical if we want to rely on results. Interdependence also helps to set up an environment where different parties must choose to co-operate or compete in a situation, thereby driving conflict interaction.

It’s not uncommon to find two people conflict or disagree over something. As a matter of fact, I even feel that it forms a healthy correlation if both parties can agree. However, conflict can only be effective if both parties agree to resolve their differences amicably. And more often than not, this is always the case and the best response when in such a situation. Everyone has a disagreement with his/her friends at one point. How you handle that conflict is what counts.

That’s just my take on it.

Discussion Post Prompts

Question 1

Everything around us is changing. Life as we see it, family, values, beliefs, environment, culture, and morals are changing rapidly. So, life really is changing in good and bad ways. But what do we do about it? How can we embrace these changes? Can we learn to live with what we have now? Do we help with these changes or simply turn our heads? If so, how can we help?

Question 2

The fervor of human activity can prove overwhelming in today’s life. Factors like deforestation and population have contributed significantly to global warming. In truth, we are where we are today with regard to global warming. So, how can we make the most of the new learning experiences we have now? Let’s focus more on global warming and how it has affected our lives. How has humanity contributed to the climatic changes that we suffer today? Can we do anything about it? If so, what can we do about global warming?

Question 3

Say this discussion board isn’t as productive or interactive as it should be, and you aren’t learning much from using it. What can you do to help make it more interactive? How do you think it came to be this way? What can you advise from this lesson?

Question 4

Suppose that Caesar didn’t return to Rome. Do you think that the Empire would have ever existed? If so, what do you think Caesar would have done differently to amass more power? What moral lesson can you derive from this exact point in history?

Question 5

After reading this excerpt in the Dana book, can you think about the best way to describe conflict from your professional perspective? Ensure that you start your response by completing this sentence: “Conflict is…” Also, support your answer using theatrical and applied knowledge from what you’ve learned reading the book.

Learning Examples for Online Discussion Board Posts

Generally, discussion post examples should always allow you to benefit more both as an individual and in your academic classes. A discussion board post can be an invigorating environment that teaches you several things. Ideally, discussion post examples should help you to be even more successful. Asynchronous online discussions often play a big role in both the students’ and educator’s learning environment. That said, here are six learning examples for using online discussions to help you be successful:

Ensure Clear, Consistent Participation Expectations

Online discussions and discussion post examples can quickly spin out of control if the instructor doesn’t establish clear guidelines. It’s, therefore, paramount that the instructor posts the precise topic of the discussion in advance. This should be your first priority before you compose any other post on the board. The instructor must also clearly state when students can post their responses or prompts. The maximum length of each post is also just as important and must be taken into consideration.

Nothing derails online discussion board examples as fast as directionless teaching. It’s quite similar to a physical classroom where discussions must be linked with the appropriate learning objectives.

Require Students to Cite Sources

Even the best examples of online discussion forums don’t always have a basis if they aren’t properly cited. Now more than ever, you must learn to cite your posts as this will also teach you to be more critical consumers of information. The online environment can be especially very unforgiving if you make a claim without backing it with a reputable source.

At upper levels, it’s even more important that you learn to reference your sources and master different citation formats properly. Your instructor may want you to post your responses in APA or MLA formats when citing sources. You may even be required to use hyperlinks in your sources. Ensure, therefore, that you familiarize yourself with these formatting methods as soon as you can.

Promote Peer-to-Peer Interaction

As with a physical classroom, the instructor must establish a teacher-centered classroom early enough to avoid running a baseless discussion post. The teacher must be the mediating factor in the online discussion forum as if it was a physical classroom. In a student-centered classroom, the instructor must always find a way to encourage the student owning the discussion. Essentially, the pattern, in this case, should show more student to student interaction. You will know that you’ve got it when the students ask each other questions and stimulate discussions.

Participate Strategically

As an instructor, it’s imperative that you monitor the level of participation in your online discussion board. Too much or too little participation from the instructor can stifle the entire discussion or conversation of discussion posts. It’s, therefore, vital that you know where the middle ground is when managing an online discussion post. It is important that you learn how to discern the difference and know when you should ask questions instead of commenting or reaching out. Learn to engage students who aren’t active or feel marginalized by the discussions.

Assess for Quality, Not Quantity

In as much as having an interactive online discussion post is every instructor’s goal, it can only be productive if the discussion forum is focused and always aims to meet the objective. Occasionally, students might attempt to pad the discussion board using short responses like “I really liked your post!” This doesn’t really add much value to other students in the discussion post. It’s important that you teach your students how to be clear and precise in their responses and discussion post examples at all time.

If your students struggle with discussion post examples, you may need to provide them with direct instructions in this area. You can also always establish a word count limit to prevent members from writing too much fluff in their responses.

Common Pitfalls of Discussion Post Examples

Some courses will need you to use online discussion boards, which is the primary way that most web-based courses facilitate their class discussions. Generally, a discussion post is meant to give an insightful and in-depth response to different prompts. However, there are a few pitfalls that may make your discussion posts less productive. Here are a few such pitfalls and how you can go around them to make your online discussions forums more productive and interactive:

Underdeveloped Responses

When your students start posting statements such as “The author makes a good point” or “I agree with the author,” your discussion forum is headed the wrong path. Such statements might sound simple and easy. However, they don’t always demonstrate a clear understanding of the whole story. Neither do they add any value to the conversation. You want the participants to know why you agree with a certain point. What specifically is it about a certain point that the author is making that makes you side with him/her?

Little Motivation for Participation

Like with everything else, absent any kind of intrinsic or extrinsic motivation to participate in an online discussion, students will less likely post or respond to other members’ posts. Often, students only always participate as much as they feel is necessary to meet their course requirements. Beyond that, the discussion will fall flat.

Using Too Informal Language

Unlike essays or papers, discussion boards are usually less informal. However, you must still remember that the discussion board is still an academic environment. So, don’t stray too far or use too informal language that distorts the whole meaning of using the forum. Different instructors also always have different expectations from their students. Who knows? Maybe your instructor doesn’t tolerate the use of informal language in your discussion forum. Ensure, therefore, that you are sensitive enough with your discussion post examples.

Repeating Other Students

Being a discussion, everyone is always expected to add something new to the table. You cannot, therefore, tolerate students who don’t add any value to the discussion other than repeat what other members have contributed. Remind all students that if they have nothing new to add to the discussion, they shouldn’t be repetitive on other students’ posts.

Ineffective Peer Responses

Some instructions may sometimes need you to respond to other members as part of the assignment. Active participation in a discussion can help to expand your understanding of what the topic sentence is about. Your response to other members should always expand the other member’s ideas or challenge them respectfully.

Discussion Post Examples

How to Create an Active Discussion Forum

Consider the Student’s Learning Goals

It’s always important that you think through why that discussion forum is the most appropriate tool for your students. You must also consider how that forum will help them to achieve their student learning goals. Doing this before you choose a discussion forum can help to make your discussions more productive and interactive among all members.

Motivate Your Students to Participate

Setting up a discussion forum is only always half the job. It’s vital that you also know how to get a productive conversation moving. You can, therefore, consider making participation a part of your course grade or devise an alternative method that will motivate your students to participate in your discussions.

Give Explicit Instructions for Specific Tasks

As an instructor, if you want to make the most of your online discussion forum, it’s best to give your students specific tasks that they should complete in the forum. Provide them with explicit instructions as well, and your expectations from their responses. This is always much more effective than telling your students to discuss class material.

Share Learning Goals with Your Students

You can also always share with the members of the forum what you hope they can take away from the discussion post participation. Share with them why the discussion forum is the most appropriate tool for them to accomplishing these goals. Students will more likely invest in the forum if you communicate to them what they stand to gain from using it.

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