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Discussion board | Political Science homework help
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This  assignment is worth two potential points. One point for an initial response to one of the prompts and a second point for a response to a student post. The initial response should be at least a paragraph and answer all parts of the question as much as is possible. The reply must include more than a simple “yea, I totally agree” or “great post!” You should provide an alternative interpretation/perspective, pose a question, or offer additional examples or considerations.

1- choose one of the promptest  to respond for the first point

Do you think the George W. Bush administration took the “lesser evil” approach advocated for by Michael Ignatieff in their execution of the “War on Terror”? If so, how? If not, why not? What would it mean to take a lesser evil approach? Is it the right approach?

What role ought (y)our country play in the world when it comes to human rights? What actions are legitimate? What actions are just? Are these the same thing? Is this role aligned with international law? Explain (be explicit as to the specific institutions and/or treaties/laws).

What are “unknown knowns”? Do you think Rumsfeld typology makes sense? Explain. Is there a lesson to be drawn from The Unknown Known in our contemporary political scene? Explain.

2- choose one and i will give you  a student responde for the second point.

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