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This course is built on the case format. Share your thoughts and/or feelings about what is good about the case approach, what is “bad” about the case approach and what is “ugly” about the case approach. The “Good, Bad and Ugly” reminds me of an old movie starring Clint Eastwood. Thank you in advance for your feedback as the University and I value your feedback.


Answer # 1

Good Morning Class,

What’s terrible about the contextual investigation technique is that build legitimacy is regularly challenging to accomplish has sources probably won’t be reliable. Subsequently, it sets aside a lot of effort to ensure that the data found is precise because numerous wellsprings of proof should be broken down.

What is terrible about the contextual analysis configuration is that it has many necessities that must be met, for example, the number of pages and references. These prerequisites are frequently difficult to meet when the subject being investigated isn’t exceptionally expansive, when dependable sources are more earnestly to discover, or when there is almost no exploration being directed on that theme.

Contextual analyses comprise a profitable and significant type of research for the majority of the businesses and fields that use them. Contextual investigations have enabled me to examine and investigate a particular subject more inside and out. Likewise, I have had the option to acquire understanding as it is exploratory because it makes new learning, helpful in light of the critical thinking segment, and corroborative because it expresses the actualities and tests speculation dependent on a proof.


Your Comment  #1


Answer #2

The good of case approach is that students share their experiences with others or if someone has not had any experiences with the topic, can have a better understanding by reading other’s real-world experiences. The case approach utilizes collaborative learning, facilitates the integration of learning and encourages students to learn because they get motivated by other’s students’ experiences. I believe the best way of learning about something is applying it in the real world, life is experienced through a trial and error.

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The bad of case approach is that students are given a list of guidelines that must be followed and the importance of resources when doing research is emphasized. Normally, students would have to use peer-reviewed sources, but these sources are difficult to find even when using the online library. The online library will only look for a source that contains at least one of the words you are searching for, therefore you may be looking for a topic referred to finances and only medical articles would show up, this problem makes the searching a little tedious because it may take 30 min worth of reading for one source.

The ugly of case approach is when students have multiple cases and research projects to submit in one week. It gets a little stressful when multiple assignments are due in one week and they require a specific number of pages, multiple sources and the coverage of various questions. It is not my intention to sound negative, case approach based courses are a good way to learn, but in my opinion, the amount of time that takes the searching of credible sources to meet the case approach course expectations and analyzing while comparing with real-life situations, obligates students to become experts on time management when having multiple long assignments in the same week.



Your comment #2



Question # 2

Post your suggestions for future students to help them be successful in this and other courses in the program.

Answer # 1

If you were like me, you were unsure how well online courses were going to work out for you.  I did not have a choice, though.  My job, my husband’s work schedule, and our kids left little time for me to physically attend classes.  “Online education offers a convenience and flexibility that traditional face-to-face classes cannot, especially important for those learners balancing work, school and family” (Kauffman, 2015, p. 1).  Taking my classes online allowed me the flexibility to do my school work on the weekends and after my children’s bedtime during the week.  But this did not mean it was going to necessarily work for my learning.

Research has shown that an individual’s internal feelings, motivation, and their level of commitment are clear indicators of their success with online learning.  “Emotional characteristics that have been linked to online success include persistent effort, internal locus of control, and self-efficacy” (Berenson, Boyles, & Weaver, 2008, p. 2).  Having a persistent attitude is definitely key to online learning, it is easy to give up when no one is actively watching you.  Also, being able to schedule your own study and school work time goes hand in hand with persistence.  It is easy to get overwhelmed if you do not properly schedule your workload making it seem logical to give up on your online classes.

A locus of control can either be external or internal.  “Research generally shows that, in the distance education environment, students with an internal locus of control are more likely to be successful than students with an external locus of control” (Yukselturk & Bulut, 2007, p. 72).  Online learning lacks immediate oversight by a person of authority.  This means an individual has to be disciplined enough that they do not require external motivation to work hard and do well.  Education has to be something you really want, without some form of outside motivation, because it is just you and your computer with online courses.

The last thought for online learning is that you have to want to learn, no matter the subject or topic.  “Results indicated that the groups differed in cognitive controls with online students exhibiting greater reflective observations and preferring abstract conceptualization (i.e. learning by thinking), whereas traditional students reported increased use of active experimentation (i.e. learning by doing)” (Kauffman, 2015, p. 4).  If you are willing and able to read through texts, research, and articles to glean necessary information, then online learning is for you.

In one word, it is truly independent learning.  This does not mean your professors and fellow classmates are not there to help but that they are not literally right there, as in next to you or in the same room as you.  You have to be, or become an information seeker, and independent thinker and learner, and a self-starter for online learning to work for you.  No matter what, it will take some getting used to, especially for us old people who went to high school and undergrad before the internet exploded.  I have loved my experience so far and I have learned so much, even outside the intended content.



Your comment # 3


Answer # 2

Organizing is an enormous key to a student’s achievement. This applies to all learners, but to accounting majors in particular. An organization can be as tiny as remembering class supplies — such as calculators and pencils — to more critical methods, such as documenting spreadsheet data and saving examination dates in a planner. For several classes, accounting students need to juggle a lot of data, so don’t get mixed up! Early adoption of healthy organizational practices.
Students will become more acquainted with the industry when taking the initiative to proactively learn about a specific sector. This will probably demonstrate useful when entering the field becomes their turn — they will understand more than learners who have neglected to do so. As you go from customer to customer, you don’t have time to sit down and describe how each piece of your company works. Taking action and figuring stuff out on your own is your task. This concept does not only apply to auditors, however; it applies to most areas of accounting (Florida National University, 2019).
There are two things that students need to do in the accounting programs: study seriously and take learning seriously. In other words, spending a decent quantity of one’s time in-depth study is useful, and one should not neglect to do so as often as possible. Networking is an excellent way to learn more about the accounting sector while also increasing industry links. Before you graduate, start looking for possibilities. Don’t default to the stereotypical “university student” or minimum wage employment automatically. Try to get an accounting internship before you graduate or find another way to pump up your curriculum. To generate a resume and sign up for a career-focused social media platform like LinkedIn, take the required measures. “When it’s time to apply for entry-level accounting positions, you’ll be ready to hit the ground running” (Learn How to Become, 2019).
Expand your understanding and abilities. Companies are searching for team members who can operate in a variety of environments. Look for your major’s complimentary lessons. While some entrance-level careers are more competitive than others, work and training are required for all employees. Staying up to date on trends in technology and business provides you an edge over other candidates (Smith, 2019).


Your Comment # 4

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