Discussion 4 critical thinking | Education homework help

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Discussion 4 critical thinking | Education homework help
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In this discussion forum, you will examine your critical thinking, inquiring, and communication skills within the subject of physical education.

Questioning compels thinking and, as thinkers, you assess what you read and incorporate knowledge with your prior understanding of the subject.  As part of this discussion, you will read about concepts surrounding physical education and evaluate your previous knowledge on this subject.  Then you will create your own question for your classmates to answer.

Read Chapter 8, fill in the ‘What I know” and “What I Want to know section of the following chart.  Then read the chapters and complete the What I learned section of the chart

The KWL Chart        (This does not have to be included but it will help you with the question you are gonna ask.

Topic:  Inclusion, special needs, least restrictive environment, physical, health, and learning disabilities with accommodation strategies, obese and overweight children’s experiences in physical education, Th e four S’s: safety, success, satisfying, skill appropriate

What I know The second section of the chart

What I want to learn is the third section of the chart

What I learned is the last of the chart

Creating Your own Discussion Question

Your questions need to originate from one of the concepts introduced in Chapter 8

After reading, use your completed chart and chapter reading to formulate a discussion prompt. Your discussion prompt should include all of the following:

a.  an opening question or statement to introduce the topic

examples:  What are some difficulties that an obese child might have during PE lesson? or list several difficulties that an obese child might encounter during  PE lesson

b.  A question or statement that requires further research or thinking on the subject:

examples: What are some adaptions that a teacher can make to endure that an obese child is able to complete a physical activity? or Explain how a teacher can adapt a physical education lesson accommodate an obese child.

c.  A question or statement that requires the reader to apply it to their own situation, current or future profession:

example:  What are some outside resources or websites that you would use to offer support to an obese child and their family.  Explain how you would use this resource.

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