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Discussion 10 | Education homework help
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In your role as part of a team of outside consultants conducting a program evaluation, it is now time to step back and discuss with your colleagues your recommendations for the improvement of the process of program evaluation.

Start your discussion post by commenting on the larger context of program evaluation in colleges and universities based on your answers to these questions in the reading for this module:

  • What barriers exist today in higher education that inhibit the effective collection and analysis of data?
  • What benefits are there for utilizing data-driven decision-making within higher education administration?
  • What role does the technological infrastructure play in support of analytics?

Then, answer these questions related to the process of the program evaluation you just completed for Binchley College:

  • What aspects of the program evaluation significantly aided in the collection and analysis of data?
  • What aspects of the program evaluation yielded concern with regard to the collection and analysis of data?
  • Which aspects of the program evaluation process may be candidates for change?
  • What other information would be helpful in making these process change recommendations?

Take some time to compare your responses to those of your colleagues.

To complete this assignment, review the Discussion Rubric document.

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