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For this final paper, you are the newly hired Disaster Management Coordinator for your multi-hospital organization called Pima Regional Health Systems. You are making a presentation to the CEO and Hospital Board. You will explain to them your comprehensive proposal for the hospital system’s emergency management plan.

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Disaster Management Assignment | Top Essay Writing
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Include the following in the presentation:

  • The training involved for your employees
  • Staffing before, during, and after the event
  • Possible costs (overtime costs?)
  • Logistics (The flow of resources)
  • Communications
  • Requesting assistance (transportation, funding, equipment) from state and federal agencies
  • Medical records keeping
  • Extra or special equipment needed
  • Alternative power and water needs
  • Community outreach you would perform before and after an event
  • What to do if part of your facility were damaged
  • Development of any additional novel ideas/concerns not listed above

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