Diagnostic contract | Human Resource Management homework help

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Diagnostic contract | Human Resource Management homework help
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Part 1: Creating the basis of a Diagnostic Contract

In most cases of planned change, OD practitioners play an active role in gathering data from organization members for diagnostic purposes. Similar to entering and contracting, the OD practitioner needs to develop an agreement with organizational members from the client system about collecting and using data gathered from them. Please answer the following questions and provide the substance of the diagnostic contract for a hypothetical organization of your creation:

Submit a checklist and fully answer the following questions.

  • Who am I?
  • Why am I here, and what am I doing?
  • For whom do I work?
  • What do I want from you, and why?
  • How will I protect your confidentiality?
  • Who will have access to the data?
  • What is in it for you?
  • Can I be trusted?

Part 2: Collecting Data to design your Diagnostic Contract

Next, after your checklist, please explain in paragraphs why or why not each of the 4 data collection methods below would be appropriate for this scenario.

Four different methods are described here including questionnaires, interviews, observations, and unobtrusive measures. Emphasis should be placed on the need to use several methods of collecting data to avoid potential biases. See attached Table 6.1 describes the strengths and weaknesses of each method.

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