Develop an observation tool | Human Resource Management homework help

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Develop an observation tool | Human Resource Management homework help
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Assignment 3.2 – Develop an Observation Tool
Create a form to use while observing your selected group. Also respond in complete and grammatically correct sentences, using APA style, for each bullet point on the attached assignment. This is the first of three “prisms” you will use to see and describe your selected group of focus.


Before you observe your selected group answer the following questions and submit no more than 5 pages (no more than 2,500 words) your response to the following questions using APA Style.  This must be submitted prior to your observation of the Group.


Process Items

  • Provide a summary of the reasons why observations of a group meeting will assist in gathering facts about this group which is part of your community of interest?
  • Provide a time period when you will sit to observe the group
  • Then provide a statement on how you decided who to observe and what was the rationale for that selection
  • Provide details on how you will (or have already) obtain(ed) permission to observe this group
  • Give details of what information will be given to participants prior to you observing their group  behavior
  • Provide details of how observations will be recorded, for example note taking or tape recording, and explain the use of the method(s) chosen. 


Explain how you will ascertain from your observations each of the following:

  • Is your group more masculine or feminine in addressing points of conflict?
  • What is the power distribution of your group between leadership and group members and how does that impact addressing points of conflict?
  • Does your group demonstrate weak or strong uncertainty avoidance when conflict arises?
  • Is your group more collective or individualistic when developing solutions to the points of conflict?
  • Does your group have a more long term or short term orientation when developing resolutions to conflict?
  • What is the most commonly held symbol among members of the group that demonstrate a sense of tribe and cohesion which keeps them able to grow from and not be stymied by points of conflict and how did you make that determination?
  • What is the most important ritual shared by group members that keeps them focused on both their vision and their mission and not suffer vision or mission creep which  may occur in order to avoid conflict and how did you make that determination?
  • What is the most important guiding hero for the members of the group you studied that keeps them moving forward together and not disband because of normal, natural conflict and how did you make that determination?

Chandler, C.I.R., and Reynolds, J. (2013).  ACT Consortium Guidance: Qualitative Methods Protocol Template with example Tools and SOPs. Available at www.actconsortium.org/qualitativemethodsguidance



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