Design a proposal for a family life education experience

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Design a proposal for a family life education experience
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Final Paper   CHFD350


Design a Proposal for a Family Life Education Experience




Choose one of the 10 FLE content areas, and design an educational program that addresses that area. Provide a description of program, including these topics:


·        What FLE content area are you addressing?


·        Of all the needs that families and individual have, why did you choose this topic?


·        Why do you feel there is a need for this kind of program?


·        Can you point to any similar existing programs?  How will yours be different or better?


·        Goals of the Program:  what do you hope participants gain by participating?


·        Target audience:  families, kids, teachers, siblings?


o   Why do you think this is the right audience?


·        Format: face-to-face meetings (one or more?), online, phone, booklet, blog, newsletter, video?


o   Why do you think this is the right format?


·        What topics will you cover?  Why?


·        What kinds of people can you enlist to help you make this program stronger?


·        What kind of funding will you need?  Who might provide that funding?


·        What do you think the strengths of your program will be?  What will the weaknesses be?


·        After the program is over, how will you assess if it met its goals?




Be sure your paper is at least 1200 words, uses at least 3 academic (not internet) references, is formatted in APA style









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