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You are planning for an extended air camping by US forces against Iran. The campaign will center on attacking targets in Iran by tactical aircraft. Strong air defenses at Iranian targets will exact attrition from US aircraft; this expectation will induce a subsidiary US campaign objective to maximize recovery rates for US aircrews whose aircraft are downed.

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Defense Air Campaign Assignments | Online Homework Help
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In addiction to putting in place requisite helicopter and other forces and communication to enable recovery of downed aircrewman, some new techniques may be available if the campaign commander can be persuaded to deploy them. These new techniques include a C-130 (a 4-propeller, land based aircraft) rigged with a pong device to snatch an aviator who is descending via parachute after ejecting from his damaged aircraft.

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QUESTION: Would it be wise to employ this new technique? Write a 500 word paper for the campaign commander with your recommendation, together with your rationale for it. 

Your paper should answer these questions:

1. Is there sufficient time to alert the C-130 to move into ‘snatch’ position?

2. Can the snatch be accomplished before the aviator reaches the ground?

3. Would any alternative means of pick-up of the downed aviator make more sense?

BE EXPLICIT ABOUT THE ASSUMPTION YOU MAKE…. see attached for question that may guide you with the assignment. 

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