Dap homework *case study attached*

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Dap homework *case study attached*
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Prepare for this discussion by selecting a case study and creating a developmentally appropriate activity that enhances each domain of development: cognitive, physical, and affective. Remember, “researchers and curriculum specialists also emphasize that growth and learning occur as an integrated process across multiple domains” (Gestwicki, 2011; Hull, Goldhaber, & Capone, 2002; Levine & Munsch, 2011, as cited in Jaruszewicz, 2013, section 4.1, para. 7). This means that you do not need to create three separate activities – just one or more activities that address multiple domains simultaneously. An example activity for this discussion is located in the Week Two Instructor Guidance.


Initial Post: Create a message that includes your activity or activities, making sure to include descriptions of each of the following: 


  • The name and age of the child as indicated in the case study you chose. 
  • A description of the setting the instruction will take place in (e.g., childcare center, classroom).
  • The goal of each activity, including which domain it is geared toward and the desired learning outcome.
  • The materials necessary to support student learning for the activity or activities.
  • The procedure for how the activity will be implemented. This section of your response must be at least one full paragraph, provide a substantial description of the procedure and be supported by at least one scholarly resource.  

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