Writing a Brilliant Cultural Identity Essay

Writing a Brilliant Cultural Identity Essay

Can you say who you are? What perspectives do your community and your peers use to view you? One of the key ways of getting to the depth of these questions is exploring your identity, sharing, and discovering your versions of identity. The main objective of a cultural identity essay is to provide answers as to who you are, your perception of yourself, and how others preserve you as well.

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Writing a Brilliant Cultural Identity Essay
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The primary way to ensure your cultural identity essay has an impact is by ensuring that you cover all the different elements of your identity. Such elements include the origin of your name, your character, values, and principles. Always remember that your family and friends are part of your culture too.

Having time to explore your personal life thoroughly helps one in understanding the impact of people and encounters in creating your own identity. Writing a comprehensive and realistic cultural identity essay helps the readers understand your perception as well as the role of identifying your identity concerning the experiences and people in your life.

Culture and art might sometimes bring some confusion; however, culture is much broader than artistic endeavors. An indicator of culture is the number of people taking part in the various cultural activities and activities of art.

What Defines Culture?

Culture refers to the language, practices, customs, world views, and values defining social groups such as the ones based on common interests, region, and ethnicity. Furthermore, culture plays a vital role in the promotion of social wellbeing in different ways. Additionally, a strong culture and artistic endeavors can be vital sources of economic prosperity and a higher material standard of living.

In other definition, we can say culture is the characteristic and knowledge of a specific group of individuals, entailing language, their religious beliefs, music, social habits, and art.

What is Cultural Identity?

Cultural identity is determined by what a particular group of people identifies with. When forming cultural identities, individuals come to identify with and create attachments to themselves to a precise set of ideas that define their larger family and tribal identity. Such identities extend to the national level.

Cultural Identity Essay

A cultural identity essay is a reflective essay, cultural identity paper. In case you have never tackled or had the need to see a culture essay sample for your academic assignments and a cultural identity thesis statement example, this article summarizes tips that will help you handle your cultural identity essay.

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What is Cultural Identity

Cultural identity essays are types of academic or creative writing expressing the feeling of belonging to a specific culture attributed to growing up and being a separate individual with its personality.

A cultural identity essay provides a person with an identification sense with certain customs, traditions, and to a national level. Furthermore, a cultural identity essay should have a main focus on the following elements:

  • Religion
  • Nationality
  • History
  • Language
  • Gender
  • Location


Such an essay takes the form and structure of an academic essay. However, the difference is in the topic. Unlike the general academic assignments like persuasive essays or argumentative essays, students should use the first-person narrative when writing.

Additionally, teachers rarely ask for sources in most cases since students write from their personal experiences, emotions, skills, feelings, and knowledge. There is no requirement for an extra skill unless the student needs help with formatting or writing as a whole.

Generally, the formatting style used is the MLA in most cases since an essay on cultural identity is part of Literature class and English language, which follows the formatting guidelines by the Modern Language Association.

Also, students can use in-text citations to illustrate their native land. Normally, teachers or tutors appreciate the use of various sources of famous writers explaining and describing the traditions and culture of the land in question. Most importantly, including citations and references is optional.

Cultural Identity Essay Titles

Good students describe how they gained community appreciation after conducting and running some campaigns meant to protect and conserve the rights of some rare local animals and the marginalized community.

Secondly, the other excellent idea is to share your experience after visiting during a national holiday. You can include the location and the domestic dishes inclusive of how to cook them and eventually lay them on the table.

On the other hand, you can select experiences that someone used and failed. Sometimes the worst experiences make the best stories by turning out to have the most important life lessons when presented in a positive light.

Another amazing idea is to describe an essential figure from your native land, which has depicted the value of obeying the traditions and customs of the native land.

Not to forget the small details you as a writer were involved in when you were a child is of the essence. Such activities form the basis of your cultural identity essay.

The thought process, known as the cultural identity theory, is vital in the development of a powerful paper of this nature. The theory means that one identifies oneself with the group of humans they used to grow with.

The following are some of the 5 things students can select from when working on a cultural identity essay:

  1. The most memorable tradition
  2. Real-life experience
  3. Places that matter
  4. A product of the author’s imagination
  5. The most influential figure

How do you Start an Identity Essay?

First, select a suitable topic for the essay. Our experts here at Myhomeworkwriters.com recommend that students select topics they are well conversant with to help in the content creation, following, and presentation in a clear manner.

Ensure that you organize all your ideas after selecting your topic. Secondly, brainstorm with one of your friends or parents. Note that older people have the most comprehensive information on culture, customs, and traditions.

Thirdly, write the ideas that fascinate you the most on a different paper. Afterward, introduce the topic to the target audience and finish the introduction with a powerful thesis statement, which is your main argument.

Developing Body Paragraphs

Make your essay standard, with 5 paragraphs. Some paragraphs can be long, while others are short. Switch between the lengths of the sentences to make them easy to read. Make sure that you have enough time for the planning stage to help you develop a comprehensive and significant outline for your essay. However, you should keep in mind the following:

  • Begin each paragraph with a cohesive and comprehensive argument.
  • Give evidence based on real-life examples and sources.
  • Connect all your ideas using transitions.

How do you Maintain Cultural Identity?

Maintaining your cultural identity, especially when moving to a different country can be difficult. One is likely to experience the immense culture shock that you have to deal with and try to adjust to the new community as much as possible.

However, you should make sure that in as much as you try to fit in the new culture, never let go of the old one. Hence, you should make sure to keep a balance of the two cultures to maintain your identity and the connection to who you are.

Being born and growing up in a place not only helps you in identifying with that community but also helps you become an integrated part of who you are. However, culture shock is likely to be an issue when you do not have enough time to prepare to be part of the new organization.

The following are some of the ways you can maintain your cultural identity:

Stay in Touch and Communication with People from Home

When you initially move away, make sure that you keep in touch with people back home. However, when your new home and culture start to feel familiar, there is a possibility that you lose touch with people back home.

Keeping in touch with old friends and family helps you stay connected to your old culture and home. This connection helps you feel connected to both worlds, and thus, you will be in a position to uphold your cultural identity.

Join Local Clubs with Connections to your Old Culture

Most small towns and cities usually have clubs or associations with ties to your old culture and community. Usually, these clubs come in various forms, such as social clubs, that is, places where the community holds parties, special events, and conducts social gatherings.

Nevertheless, joining associations or clubs focusing on your old culture will not only help you have the chance to meet new people who have moved far from their old home but also help you maintain and keep the tie to your old culture.

Maintain your Cultural Traditions

Everyone has traditions that they adhere to. Such traditions include celebrations, events, and several different ways in which we did things when growing up. For instance, when children maintain their cultural traditions, they will have an easy time in the transition process to new cultural practices.

Therefore, everyone should be flexible to embrace new cultures and not be rigid to changes. However, you should never let go of your roots. In case you are unfamiliar with your cultural traditions, start researching and take the personal initiative to learn about the events, festivals, and religious beliefs.

Take Time to Share your Culture with Colleagues and New Friends

Teach others about what you love and miss about your culture. By so doing, you will be letting your colleagues and new friends get to know more about your culture and understand you better. Some of the ways you can do this are by inviting your friends to restaurants that make your cultural cuisine, or you can organize treats in the office as per your festivals.

Additionally, you can talk about your country or culture in the local clubs or associations. Lastly, when anyone asks you about your culture and country, always tell them about what you love and miss.

Volunteer for Non-Profit Organizations

As per your cultural connections, there might exist chances for you to volunteer with groups or organizations working with people with your cultural background.

Some of these non-profit organizations focus on recent immigrants or work with organizations in your home country. The bottom line is giving back to the community as a way of creating a strong and cohesive tie to your cultural and traditional roots.

There are high chances of you experiencing homesickness and culture shock. Always have a free will to interact and make new friends. Be ready to learn and appreciate everyone around you. Above all, never forget where you are coming from and appreciate cultural beliefs and differences.

Cultural Identity Essay Conclusion

It is vital to comprehend the importance of a cultural identity essay, and how would you describe your cultural identity?

First, Essay Thesis

The initial step is to create a thesis for your essay, that is, the central theme on which you base your entire essay. As you create your thesis, always have in mind the aspect of your culture you wish to explore.

The thought process should include an analysis of your cultural background or how your peers see you as an individual. Find the significance of the idea of your thesis by having an analysis of how it contributes to the creation and building of your current identity.

Secondly, Essay Outline

The next step is to have an outline for your essay. Your outline should entail a plan of what you intend to include on yourself, your beliefs, and your family to put together the whole structure and content of the essay.

Third, Essay Draft

It is prudent to write the initial draft of your work as soon as you complete the outline of your essay. Begin with a catchy introduction revolving around your thesis statement and give explanations of what you intend to explore in the entire essay.

Build the body of the essay with more elaborate information and illustrations that give a strong background to the theme. Lastly, conclude your essay by making a recap of the thesis statement.

Fourth, Essay Revisions

Ensure that you revise the essay to make sure all your ideas connect and that you create a clear picture of yourself. Develop your essay with strong points in expressing your thoughts on your identity and how you think people perceive you.

Consider all the aspects of your life that are part of your identity. By so doing, you will be able to strengthen your essay using supporting details that keep your readers engaged.

Lastly, Proofread

After finishing, make sure that you proofread your essay. Have some like a friend proofread the essay for any grammatical or spelling errors, and most importantly, clarity.

In as much as written essays require one to consider the facts they present and research on, an identity essay may require that you provide feedback on how you present yourself in the essay. Embrace all the corrections and edits into your essay, especially those that you find necessary and relevant, and use them in the creation of the final draft.

What are 5 Examples of Culture?

Organizational culture is the behavior of humans within an organization and the essence that people attach to the behaviors. An organization’s cultures include values, vision, norms, systems, symbols, countries, assumptions, language, and habits.

  • Social standards
  • Customs
  • Laws
  • Architectural style
  • Religious beliefs
  • Traditions

To conclude, several factors contribute to the cultural identity crisis. However, Myhomeworkwriters.com experts have put together the above tips to help you have an easy time understanding how to handle a cultural identity essay. The most important aspect of understanding cultural identity is to appreciate and respect diversity.

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